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writes on March 21, 2011

We’re looking for an iOS Developer at Carsonified. Originally, we were hoping this person could also cover Android and some WinMo, but that was wishful thinking πŸ™‚ We’ve simplified the job spec to focus just on iOS.

Illustration of the entire Carsonified Team, done by Mike Kus. Each person is a different color.

iOS Video Teacher

Your responsibilities will include …

  1. Doing video training on how to build iOS applications
  2. Researching, learning and staying on top of the latest tech
  3. Publishing videos on working days (not including national holidays or personal holidays)
  4. Creating downloadable code for each video
  5. Writing for Think Vitamin

Here is the kind of video you’ll be creating …

What kind of person?

We’re looking for someone who …

  1. Whole-heartedly believes in our Core Values. We hire and fire based on these, so you need to be passionately share these values.
  2. Loves teaching iOS development.
  3. Feels comfortable and confident in front of a video camera
  4. Can work from our Orlando office. If you’re perfect for the job, but need to re-locate, we’ll consider re-location costs
  5. Can start in the next eight weeks or less
  6. Wants to be paid well for only working a 4-day week πŸ™‚

Our Career Pipeline

We have a unique system to put you in control of your career (which we learned from Zappos).

You can ‘level up’ your career every three months, starting after six months, by hitting and maintaining agreed goals or tasks.

In order to be eligible to level up, you need to be completing the items listed in your Job Role doc, without being micro-managed and with a cheerful attitude.

Every time you reach a new level, you can choose from these benefits:

  • Permanent yearly raise
  • One-time bonus
  • Learn something new: You have a budget to spend on a trip where you learn something new. You can use the budget to pay for hotel, flight, food, conference/workshop tickets.

A taste of the Orlando office

In this video about Brickify, you’ll get a good flavor for the office, Team and creativity. This was a random project we banged out in two days and it was a blast πŸ™‚

Our Benefits

We believe work, fun and good benefits go together. Carsonified Team Members enjoy these things …

  1. Full pay for a 4-Day Week
  2. iPhone 4 + monthly contract
  3. Mac + Cinema Display
  4. Aeron Chair
  5. Occasional travel to Carsonified events (FOWA and FOWD)
  6. Free lunch every day
  7. Free parking
  8. No micro-management
  9. Full healthcare

How to apply

Send relevant work samples, and anything else that will make you stand out, to ryan@teamtreehouse.com/blog. Creativity is very important to us. Please don’t include a resume.

We don’t care about your education or how many jobs you’ve worked. We’re looking for talent, passion and pro-activity.

Application deadline

Make sure to email us your application by Monday, March 28th.

6 Responses to “Are you an iOS Developer?”

  1. If you can help me build a iOS app that would be awesome, I bought a book but can’t get my head in it for time! These 5/10 minute videos help refresh and push forward some of the techniques i use and implement in the real world.

  2. wot, no ipad?

  3. Saw some other Tutorials you guys made, really looking forward to iOS development tutorials:
    In the same easy to understand fashion as the other tutorials you have.

    Now hurry apply!

  4. John Kim on March 21, 2011 at 5:59 pm said:

    That was the most elaborate job posting I’ve ever seen

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