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Linnea Schulenburg
writes on December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from the Treehouse Team! We took a look back at our accomplishments for 2015 and we’re pretty pleased.

Students – give yourselves a high five. You worked hard this year and earned millions of points and badges, learned new skills, and created projects in Treehouse workspaces. Great work!

We’re excited to see what 2016 will bring. What do you want to learn next year?


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6 Responses to “2015 in Review”

  1. I’m going to learn Front End Development this year and start freelancing as a side job and hopefully after some transition time fully change my career !

  2. 2015 was when I left my old job to pursue a new career in coding with help from Treehouse! I’m finishing up the Front End Dev track and picking out my next courses.

    This year I’m going to learn more about theme development with WordPress, mobile design, JavaScript, Sass, Ruby on Rails, a bit of Python and trying some React (or Angular…still deciding). Full plate for 2016

  3. Ashish Mehra on January 3, 2016 at 6:23 am said:

    waiting for mastering .NET upload videos soon….!


  4. How to build a web app with the WordPress Rest API of course!

  5. Try my best to master HTML, CSS, and especially Javascript. Angular is also promising to me. By the way, I just want to say Happy New Year to you all!

  6. Looking to learn more .net since it seems to be the popular language around me.

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