Learn2008 Feltron Annual Report

Keir Whitaker
writes on January 15, 2009

A few years ago I came across a link to an article about a report a New York based graphic designer called Nick Felton had published outlining in his year in numbers. Inspired by the design I dropped him a quick email asking if it was possible to get a copy as a PDF. To my delight a few hours later a copy dropped in my inbox. I have been following the reports ever since.

Due to popular demand Nick made his 2007 report available to buy. A week and a few dollars later the printed copy arrived. I have a long-standing love of paper and printed material and the report didn’t fail to impress, from the carefully stitched spine to the custom envelope.

During 2008 Nick and his colleague Ryan released a web app called Daytum making it possible for us to all join in the fun. At the Future of Web Design conference last November in New York we invited Nick to give a short presentation about his annual reports and Daytum. It was one of the many highlights on the day.

Shortly after FOWD Nick was interviewed by Paul Boag on issue 146 of Boagworld.

The good news for fellow data obsessives is that the 2008 report is now available. You can read it online or purchase your own copy. Enjoy.

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  1. Have also been a fan of his since he started creating the reports!

    Cannot wait for the print version of this years to arrive, so nice so see really well executed infographics/print design

  2. It’s a wonderful thing to look at. You can really tell it has been so well thought out.

    Each year has it’s own style, and yet retains an identify that is seen in every report.

  3. That is really clear, minimal design. It’s definitely my personal preference.

    The App is also an exercise in clear uncluttered thinking (exactly the kind of site/app I’m aspiring to, but not yet reaching with http://www.goodbaad.com).

    Very cool

  4. Thanks to your tweet yesterday, I ordered the 2008 report. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  5. Love the design very unique

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