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Ryan Carson
writes on February 16, 2009

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How would you like …

[UPDATE: The deadline has been extended till Monday, March 30th]

1. Your URL to be posted to the news (93,000+ readers)
2. Me to tweet your URL (8,900+ people)
3. A free pass to FOWA Dublin, FOWA Miami, FOWA Tour (all four cities!) or FOWD London?

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All we need from you is your email address. We’re teaming up with Betavine to help spread the word about mobile web widgets to the web design and development community.

By signing up below, you’re giving Betavine (who are cool – I promise) permission to say hello and let you know about exciting news (like the £20,000 prize they’re giving away to the person who builds the best mobile web widget). You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time, with no questions asked.

I’ll pick one winner on Wednesday, Feb 25th Monday, March 30th.

Only two rules. You need to …

1. Live in one of these five countries: USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain
2. Be a web designer or developer

If you can’t see the form above, please use this version.

0 Responses to “Want some quality, free PR and marketing?”

  1. Awesome! Some very nice prizes.

  2. Weak beans! No Canada!
    Either way, those are some very sweet prizes.

  3. Damn! I live in South Africa. It is a bit… far!

  4. Excited to see this little lottery take place. I’m always impressed with your community interaction! Thanks!

  5. Wow! Great contest.
    Keep putting on great events!

    Any chance any of your events will make it to the west coast? Los Angeles or San Diego? 🙂

    ~ Aaron I

  6. Done and done, good luck to me!!

  7. Thanks guys!

    @Aaron Irizarry – I’ve always wanted to bring FOWA/FOWD to LA, but we can’t afford to right now. Maybe in 2010?

  8. Snub the Canadians, ‘eh?

  9. Nice offer – thanks! Btw you have Flash twice on the list.

  10. Cool contest, Ryan, not a developer or a designer but if I was, I would jump in for sure.

  11. No Canada? Oversight, or do you hate us?

  12. Can I enter, I am from the UK, but temporarily in Canada. Still have UK home address!


  13. Great idea – pity we aren’t live yet – can you hold until the summer?!

  14. This is a great chance for us to get some promotion! Thanks for having this! See everyone at FOWA Miami!

  15. @Caroline – that’s fine 🙂

    Re: No Canada – sorry guys. The folks at Betavine are particularily interested in the five countries we’ve listed. I’m so sorry!

  16. Lack of other countries (Poland, please!) hurts. Good luck anyway!

  17. Hey Ryan,

    I live in Holland (The Netherlands)…

    It’s just a tiny hop to the UK or Germany!
    I’ll speak German, Spanish or English (American is a bit of a stretch 🙂 ).

    Plus I kick serious ass (at many of your webdev categories too!)

    How can they not invite me?!


    Anyway, sounds like a cool deal. Kudos!

    David Hund – professional asskicker

  18. guys, I feel the chills just thinking about the amazing prize you are giving away

  19. Amazing contest Ryan!

    This idea should bring good business to the right person.

    Good luck everyone.

    – Neil

  20. @David Hund – I love that: “Professional asskicker” 🙂 I’m so sorry about the lack of countries!

  21. Ryan, how/why have you made use of a Google Docs form? I’ve never seen that before, what’s the end product like for you guys? Your own spreadsheet of entrants instead of a database?

    Could be a tutorial in there…

    See you at FOWA London..


  22. The prizes rocks, true. Too bad you’ve set the area restriction…

  23. @Mark Henderson. It was a discovery of @keirwhitaker. Basically, you go into Google Docs > New > Form. The answers are all stored in a Google Doc. It’s free and it’s brilliant!

  24. @Mark Henderson. It was a discovery of @keirwhitaker. Basically, you go into Google Docs > New > Form. The answers are all stored in a Google Doc. It’s free and it’s brilliant!

  25. Irish people can’t enter for the FOWA Dublin? Awww.

  26. Thanks very much hope I win, would love to go to FOWA in Dublin

  27. Have added my name too – being UK based was easy 😉


  28. Hey Ryan, FOWA is in Dublin, how come us Irish can’t apply!

  29. The winner is announced on my birthday so im hoping thats a good omen, would love to go to FOWD in London 🙂

  30. I have no chance of going to the events but would love to win the rest, can I enter for part of it? hehe.

  31. Not a designer or developer, but this is a cool contest!

  32. Great prize, looking forward to the draw!

  33. Hey Ryan,

    When’s FOWA Australia? I could help you out if you bring it to Perth 😉


  34. Cool, I’ll have some of that. Fingers crossed!

  35. So did anyone find out who won? I haven’t seen anything on this on

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