Twitter using Gamification to increase followers

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I just signed up for a new Twitter account and as I was going through the on-boarding process, I noticed Twitter has introduced a bit of Gamification to encourage you to follow more people.

They use a simple progress-bar metaphor to encourage you to follow 10 people. I like it.

Screenshot of Step 2 in signing up for Twitter in which they have a progress bar that fills up as you follow more people, up to a max of 10
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14 comments on “Twitter using Gamification to increase followers

  1. Definitely a nice touch, but can this one feature really be considered gamification? Better get Jane McGonigal or Buster Benson in here ASAP!

    • Agreed. This is only a nice way to show you’re progressing. Is there a goal in this progress? What do i get or what do i become when i’m at 10, 50, 1000 followers?

      Sorry, we’re far from game mechanics here.

  2. We’re launching a new site soon and have been looking for subtle ways to encourage increased user interaction. Going to take a few hints from this style and see if it can be of benefit. Good catch!

      • We launched the site I was referring to a couple weeks ago, you can see it here:

        YGRIN is an initiative to connect restaurant owners, charities, and everyday people with the goal of using our collective resources to better our communities through projects and events all made possible by the recycling of the yellow grease.

        We’re just getting the project off the ground, but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  3. I strongly encourage you to consider what words you would have used to describe that before “gamification” was coined. And then, further, I hope that you use those words instead.

  4. Whether you call this gamification or not, what Twitter is doing is using subtle game mechanics that work well to drive behavior. Our entire company is built on helping online sites and mobile apps use game mechanics to drive behavior — if you’d like to learn what we can do for you, check out

  5. Interesting move on the part of Twitter. But from a practical perspective, Twitter has been using gamification since they started showing how many followers a person had. What this latest move demonstrates is that gamification, as a business strategy, has many different levels and perspectives. Twitter has just added a new perspective. Nice catch, Ryan. I think I’ll create a new ID to test it, and thus further over-inflate Twitter’s user base 😉