Think Vitamin Radio: Episode #22

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This week we are joined via Skype by Alan Johnson, a developer at Carsonified working on Treehouse. We chat about the need for beauty in web apps as well as a bunch of other developer related topics.

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3 comments on “Think Vitamin Radio: Episode #22

  1. Great episode. One question, though, about the length of time it takes to develop the initial version of an app. Ryan noted that it should take roughly 2-3 months to get an initial launch ready, but is that timeline assuming a full team working ~8 hours a day on it? I’m currently working on an application, but due to employment obligations, I can only work on it for a few hours in the evening. Not to mention, it’s just me and one developer. Does that timeline shift a bit in instances like this, or does that timeline work as a one size fits all schedule? The real reason I’m asking is to determine whether or not enough time is being put into it (I’d like to think so) and whether or not that meets any industry standard.