How to Make a Mixtape | Treehouse Quick Tip

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Nothing impresses the ladies more than a righteous mixtape full of all the most awesome tunes. In this Treehouse Quick Tip, 90s Web Guy explains everything you need to know to fill both sides of that cassette up right!

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Dan Gorgone

Marketing teacher / Team Leader at Treehouse. Usability preacher. Red Sox fan. Born and raised in Boston. Follow him on Twitter at @dangorgone.


5 comments on “How to Make a Mixtape | Treehouse Quick Tip

  1. Brilliant on so many levels.

    The funniest part is – that’s EXACTLY the level most of the treehouse tutorials are pitched at.

    Notice, at no point were any advanced techniques mentioned. Like using the PAUSE button instead of the stop button to prevent hard breaks in and out of songs.

    Or using the tape counter and reset button to estimate how much longer you have on the tape to see if your last MC Hammer song will fit.


  2. Lol, the inro text & youtube image alone are worth the price of admission.