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Faye Bridge
writes on July 14, 2017

Each week we publish new content for you here on the Treehouse Blog. From free tutorials and helpful coding tips to student success stories and tech industry insights, the Treehouse team is here to give you a weekly dose of web design and development resources and inspiration. Be sure to check back in weekly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with what’s new on the blog. Here’s what you missed this week.

98k Treehouse Points & Counting: Jennifer Nordell’s Coding Story

A few months ago, Treehouse student and moderator, Jennifer Nordell, caught our eye in the Treehouse Community. Not only had she worked her way through a phenomenal number of courses, she was also an incredibly active and valuable member of the Community, answering hundreds of student questions in a diverse range of topics. Although she’d been a student for less than a year, Jennifer had already racked up thousands of points on her Treehouse profile (she’s almost reached 100k now). After chatting to Jennifer, it came to light that she isn’t just an impressive student, she’s also an inspirational individual with a unique backstory that ties to her coding. We asked Jennifer if we could share her experience becoming a developer with the community. Read more.


Jennifer Nordell

Why Go Interfaces are Awesome

In object-oriented programming, an “interface” is a description of the things an object can do. Usually, this takes the form of a list of methods an object is guaranteed to have. C# and Java both support interfaces, and so does the Go programming language, but here’s why Go’s interfaces are especially easy to use. Read more.

go interfaces

Learn the Basics of Spreadsheets for Data Analysis with Treehouse

We’re excited to share that you can now learn the basics of spreadsheets from Treehouse COO & CFO, Mike Watson. Being able to utilize spreadsheets is a tremendously valuable and broadly applicable skill today. Read more.

From Aviation Electrician to Back End Engineering: Bret Funk’s Operation Code story

36-year-old Bret Funk was in the Navy for 4 years as an Aviation Electrician on F-14s. As a lifelong learner, he pursued a few different careers after getting out of the military, working as a commercial pilot, as a congressional spokesman in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, and as a small business owner. After selling his business, Bret was considering his next career move when he stumbled across coding and never looked back. He’s now learning back end engineering and hopes to use his skills to someday make a positive impact on the world. Read more.

back end engineering

New & Upcoming Course Highlights: HTML Basics

We released the much anticipated HTML Basics course – taught by Guil Hernandez – into the Treehouse Library this week. Learn more.

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