LearnTreehouse vs. Codecademy: What’s the Difference? [Guide]

Lindsey Rogerson

Lindsey Rogerson
writes on May 20, 2022

Every developer looking for coding courses wants one that offers in-depth knowledge and an excellent learning experience.

Treehouse and Codecademy are subscription-based online platforms that provide coding courses.

Both Treehouse and Codecademy offer tech development programs that cater to developers at any level, whether you’re an advanced or beginner coder. These platforms will prepare you for career opportunities. So, which of these coding platforms should you invest in  –  Treehouse vs. Codecademy?

In this guide, we’ll compare Treehouse and Codecademy to help you decide which one is best for you.

Keep reading to learn:

  • Treehouse vs. Codecademy – Key Differences
  • Course Comparison
  • Cost Comparison
  • Course Length Comparison
  • Live Support Comparison
  • Platform Comparison
  • Treehouse Reviews
  • Treehouse vs. Codecademy — Which Is Best for You?

Treehouse vs. Codecademy – Key Differences

Treehouse and Codecademy differ in certain features. Here’s a summary of the main differences between Treehouse and Codecademy courses:

  • Treehouse comprises self-paced courses for beginner and advanced coders who want expert guidance while Codecademy provides less expert guidance.
  • Treehouse courses are videos for visual learners while Codecademy contains text-based courses for coders who prefer verbal learning.
  • Treehouse pricing starts at $25 monthly with Techdegrees being $199 per month. Codecademy costs $39.99 per month.
  • The Treehouse team personally reviews project submissions and provides direct feedback to the student.
  • Treehouse includes free live support for Techdegree students through Slack and Zoom. Codecademy has a similar paid feature that starts at $29.99 per 30-minutes weekly.
  • Treehouse has a private Slack group for peer collaboration and staff support while Codecademy has a private Facebook group for the same purpose.

Course Comparison

Treehouse Techdegrees and Codecademy Pro offer career-focused degrees that comprise courses to prepare for tech roles. 

Here are the key degrees each of these platforms offers:

Treehouse Techdegree Curriculum

Treehouse offers five Techdegree programs to learn coding and web development. These degree programs are:

  1. Front-End Development: This Treehouse Techdegree teaches you how to develop interactive client-side/user interfaces for websites and apps using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  2. Full Stack Javascript: This is the Treehouse Techdegree for developing functional and interactive websites or software applications using Javascript.
  3. UX Design: This Treehouse Techdegree empowers you to perform user research and design websites and apps for smooth user experiences.
  4. Python Development: This is the Treehouse Techdegree to learn how to build applications and basic command lines with Python.
  5. Data Analysis: This Treehouse Techdegree certifies you in analyzing and interpreting data from databases, Python coding, and spreadsheets, and turning it into context-rich business decisions.

Codecademy Curriculum

Codecademy offers degree programs in four catalogs to learn coding and web development. These degree programs are:

  1. Web Development: This Codecademy catalog comprises a list of courses to learn front-end, back-end, or full-stack development for websites and applications.
  2. Data Science: This catalog contains several courses to help you analyze and interpret machine learning into informed decisions.
  3. Computer Science: It’s a collection of courses to understand artificial intelligence, game design, programming languages, and data analysis.
  4. Cybersecurity: It’s a catalog that consists of security-focused courses like security engineering, risk management, security operations, and cloud and network security.

Cost Comparison

Both Treehouse and Codecademy courses are available on paid monthly subscriptions. 

Treehouse offers a range of subscription options depending on the learning material. This learning material ranges from Techdegrees, tracks, or library courses.

Treehouse Techdegree, an online bootcamp certification course, is $199/month and Codecademy pro costs $39.99/month.

Here are the lists of what comes with each platform degree subscription:

Treehouse Techdegree
– Curated curriculum of expert-led video courses
Interactive Quizzes and Code Challenges
– Community support including an exclusive Slack group and online forum
– Certificate of completion
– Real-world portfolio projects
– Peer reviews and support
– Access to the enormous Treehouse Catalog Library
– Virtual coding workspaces with support for many languages
– Live chat support with teachers
Codecademy Pro
– Curated curriculum of text-based courses
– Certificate of completion
– Community support 
– Real-world portfolio projects
– Peer reviews and support
– Mobile app to practice coding
– Interactive Quizzes

Treehouse and Codecademy offer a free 7-day trial for their courses and make it easy to cancel your subscription at any time.

Course Length Comparison

Let’s also compare Techdegree vs Codecademy Pro course duration.

Both Techdegree and Codecademy courses are self-paced. This means that the duration of course completion will depend on your learning commitment and availability.

This means it can take as short as three months to learn a development skill or as long as 12 months.

However, we analyzed our student’s learning behaviors and came up with the best schedules for Treehouse Techdegrees. 

By committing 3 hours per day to study, here’s what Treehouse Techdegree completion timeframes look like:

  • Front End Web Development – 4 months
  • Full Stack JavaScript – 5 months
  • User Experience (UX) Design – 3 months
  • Python Development – 2 months
  • Data Analysis – 4 months.

The durations for Codecademy courses according to Bootcamps by Best Colleges are as follows:

  • Front End Development — 3 months
  • Back End Developer — 4 months
  • Web Development — 6 months
  • Computer Science — 5 months.
  • Data Science — 8 months. 

Live Support Comparison

Both Treehouse and Codecademy provide quality support to their users.

However, Treehouse offers live support with a human touch so users can directly DM the student success team about issues they have. The Treehouse team will even schedule Zoom calls with students who are struggling with certain material or concepts. This real-time interaction with teachers makes communication and feedback even more valuable. Codecademy users pay an extra $29.99 per 30 minutes if they want access to weekly coaching sessions with expert programming coaches.

Treehouse provides access to its Slack and community forum for collaborating with other students and staff. Codecademy Pro also provides access to a private Facebook group and community forum for the same purposes.

Platform Comparison

The mode of course delivery is one of the major differences between Treehouse and Codecademy.

Treehouse delivers web development and programming courses through video tutorials. 

After a video course completion, the program prompts you to take a quiz, assessment, or code challenge and a real person will review your work. More so, Treehouse’s projects come with detailed mockups so you can build your portfolio.

Codecademy, on the other hand, delivers its curriculum mostly in a text-based format. There are a few video lessons but the courses are essentially texts.

After every lesson, the platform asks you to take a coding assessment which it automatically reviews. 

Treehouse Techdegrees are video courses for visual and audio learners. While Codecademy consists of text lessons for verbal learners.

Treehouse Reviews

Treehouse is an online learning platform that provides easy access to tech development and soft skills to prepare you for your dream career.

This objective is what we’ve been delivering for years and now have over 1.2 million students from more than 190 countries around the world.

Here are some of the things students and other platforms are saying about Treehouse courses.

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Want to get case study insights into how our students began their journey with Treehouse and how our courses helped them achieve their dreams? Read our success stories.

Treehouse vs. Codecademy — Which Is Best for You?

Treehouse and Codecademy are highly-rated online platforms to learn how to code. They provide you with the skills and experiences you need to land developer jobs.

Choosing a platform mostly depends on your style of learning. Codecademy offers text-based courses for verbal learning. Treehouse, however, offers interactive video learning experiences for coders. 

Treehouse also has the human touch when it comes to online learning. Interact with students and teachers in real-time to get the most out of your coding journey.

Are you a beginner or advanced coder looking for a coding course that is worth your investment? Try a Treehouse Techdegree for free today.


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