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Faye Bridge
writes on May 26, 2017

Jason Seifer was not only an exceptional teacher and talented programmer, he was an entirely unique and genuine individual, and an amazing friend to many. As Treehouse founder and CEO remembers him, “Jason always brought electricity and energy to Treehouse and our work.” Jason joined Treehouse at the start, when as Tommy Wingo remembers, “We were a very small team, so everyone influenced the company’s development in an outsized way. Jason added character and a wickedly surreal, pun-filled sense of humor. He provided us with a solid technical foundation in Ruby, was one of the fastest typists I’ve ever known, gave amazing hugs, and sincerely cared about his friends.”

Many of you from our community will likely have come to know Jason as the master of all things Ruby, a patient mentor, and an entertaining half of the weekly Treehouse Show, alongside Nick Pettit. The loss of Jason has been felt throughout so many communities and by anyone who was lucky enough to have known him. As Nick shares, “Some people make music and paintings, or they cure diseases, or they make sure their children get to school on time. Jason’s medium was friendship. He would always take the time to ask how you’re doing and he took a genuine interest in others. He was everyone’s best friend.”

Jason and Nick on the Treehouse Show

After Treehouse, Jason joined healthcare startup Doximity, where he continued to have a positive impact on his team and the world around him. In memory of Jason, the amazing folks at Doximity have set up the Jason Seifer “Updog” Memorial Scholarship at Jason’s alma mater, the University of Central Florida. The need-based scholarship will provide promising UCF students the vital support they need to allow them to concentrate on their studies.

We couldn’t think of a better way for Jason to be remembered. As Fred Zara describes, “Jason was one of the most dedicated teachers. He was very funny with a great sense of humor. He will be greatly missed, not only by the Treehouse family but by the entire tech community.” Jason loved to teach and share his knowledge with others. As Brittney Blews describes him, “Jason put in 100% every day for our students, and his passion showed through in his work and influence. Jason started as my coworker and became one of my dearest friends. His awkwardness could clear a room, and I’m proud to say that I’ve learned my cheesiest of puns from him. Days at the Treehouse office have never been quite the same without him, and the world will never be the same without him either.”

Please help us spread the word about the Jason Seifer Updog Memorial Scholarship and encourage donations towards this meaningful cause.

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