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Faye Bridge
writes on October 13, 2017

We have A LOT of courses at Treehouse. 297 courses and 265 workshops to be exact, but that number grows each week as we add new content to the Library. If you’re new to Treehouse and know exactly what you’re interested in learning, Tracks are a great place to start. But if you’re still undecided, here are the current top 10 most popular courses on Treehouse to give you some inspiration. They’re all beginner courses and you don’t need any prior programming experience to get started!


1. Introduction to HTML & CSS


Join Treasure Porth and get started creating web pages with HTML and CSS, the basic building blocks of web development. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a standard set of tags you will use to tell the web browser how the content of your web pages and applications are structured. Use CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, to select HTML tags and tell the browser what your content should look like. Whether you are coding for fun or planning to start a career in web development, this is a great place to start. Check out the course here

Bonus: If you enjoyed this course, take a look at HTML Basics.

2. JavaScript Basics

JavaScript is a programming language that drives the web: from front-end user interface design, to backend server-side programming, you’ll find JavaScript at every stage of a website and web application. In this course with Dave McFarland, you’ll learn the fundamental programming concepts and syntax of the JavaScript programming language. Check out the course here

Bonus: If you enjoyed this course, take a look at Introducing to JavaScript

3. Python Basics


If you’re new to Python, or programming, this is the place to start! In this course with Kenneth Love, you’ll take a look at some of the most common and important bits of the language, how to use and put them together. You’ll also build a few small scripts and games using all of the stuff you learn. Check out the course here

4. CSS Basics

CSS is a style sheet language that describes the presentation of web pages. Whereas HTML is what forms the structure of a web page, CSS is what we use to style the HTML with colors, backgrounds, font sizes, layout, and more. As you’ll soon learn in this course with Guil Hernandez, CSS is one of the core technologies for designing and building websites. Check out the course here

5. Java Basics



In this course with Craig Dennis, you will gain all the knowledge you need to build an interactive command line program in Java. You will create an interactive game that prompts users for different parts of a sentence and then generates a story using those words. Check out the course here

6. JavaScript Loops, Arrays & Objects

Storing, tracking and handling data is a large part of computer programming. Arrays provide a method for storing multiple values into a single variable. That makes an array a convenient way to pass around a list of items. In this course with Dave McFarland, you’ll learn how to create arrays and use loops to access their contents. You’ll also learn some advanced methods that make working with arrays easier. Check out the course here

7. CSS Layout Basics


Learn to work with common layout and positioning methods used in web design. In this course with Guil Hernandez, you’ll get hands-on practice with basic CSS layout techniques like display modes and floats. You’ll use your new CSS layout skills to build the layout for a simple web page. Then learn to enhance the layout using relative, absolute and fixed positioning. Check out the course here

8. React Basics

Join Jim Hoskins and get up and running with React, a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React allows you to describe how your app should be displayed in a very easy to understand way. It also helps eliminate the complexity that comes with updating your DOM elements when the user interacts with your application. React provides a new way to think about building web applications and will change the way you think about interactivity on the web. Check out the course here

9. JavaScript & The DOM

JavaScript lets you create interactive web pages which can respond to a user’s actions. In this course, join Guil Hernandez and Joel Kraft to learn how to bring web pages to life using the power of JavaScript. Check out the course here

10. Build a Simple Android App with Java

Contextual Action Bars

In this course, Ben Deitch will introduce the very basics of Android development. You’ll build a simple app that will serve up some fun facts when you tap on a button. Through the course, Ben will introduce you to programming in Android, a tool for Android development called Android Studio, and some very basic concepts of the Android Software Development Kit, or SDK. By the end, you will have a good idea of how a basic app works, and you will be armed with the knowledge to start building more. Check out the course here

What Treehouse courses are you currently taking? Do you have a top course that you’d recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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