LearnTaking into Account Learning Styles In the Workplace


Rachel Garcia Acevedo
writes on March 28, 2023

Why It Matters

A culture of learning in the workplace is all about making sure your team not only feels encouraged to work but in a matter that works for them. Learning styles in the workplace are different ways your team learns. Making sure you take into account the different learning styles on the team makes it more likely to be effective. Creating a culture of learning in any organization has many benefits. You can read about them here

Types Of Learning Styles

There are four main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, reading-focused, and kinesthetic learners. Visual learners tend to ask for demonstrations. They learn best with Pictures, charts, and videos. Auditory learners tend to ask for verbal instruction. Videos, recordings, and podcasts work well for this type of learner. Reading-focused learners learn best with text. Reading and writing make it so that these are often more independent-minded when it comes to working. Kinesthetic learners learn by doing. The best way for them to learn is to just jump right in. 

Next, Knowing the learning styles of your team help you to choose software, product, or training that has something that can work for everybody. It also helps if you’re deciding on multiple ones. A good example of a training solution that covers all the bases is Treehouse. 

How Treehouse Can Help

After all, Treehouse has content formats for everyone. We are an at-your-own-pace video-based platform that teaches you how to code. Visual and audio learners get the most out of seeing and hearing our videos. While the teacher notes and linked resources help the more reading-focused learners get a steadier understanding through text. As for our Kinesthetic learners, they’ll be feeling right at home with the hands-on approach we have here at Treehouse. Here you learn by seeing, hearing, reading, and doing. 

Try out Treehouse for free for a week if your team is full of lifelong learners that learn in different ways!


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