LearnSMART Goal Setting

writes on January 17, 2013

Goal Setting can be accomplished in your business by using the SMART Framework. Strive for success by setting, aligning, and tracking your own goals. Create specific, realistic goals that will increase performance and tie them to your company’s overall strategy.

SMART stands for: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely

First, ask yourself specifically:
* Who is involved?
* What is to be accomplished?
* When should the task be completed?
* Where is the task location?
* Which requirements are we working with?
* Why are we working on this goal?

Concrete ways to measure your progress towards goals will give you the motivation and encouragement to keep going

Attainable goals give you the attitudes, abilities, and skills to complete your goals and ensure continued success.

Realistic goals let you work within your constraints to complete the tasks that you set out for yourself.

Finish your goals! Time is crucial for avoiding failure.

As you get better at setting and achieving goals, you’ll be on the right path to success.

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