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writes on October 23, 2014

Being able to save or persist data within our apps is an important fundamental skill. It enables our users to save their work, remember their preferences, store all types of files for reuse, and more. These features are evident to some degree in almost every application. In this course, we will be learning about the different ways in which we can persist data in our apps. We will be creating an app which can make memes in order to learn about these different concepts. By the end, we will know what types of considerations come into play when developing an app with data persistence features.

Evan Anger is a Treehouse guest teacher. He is a lead mobile developer at a fortune 500 in the Cleveland area where he currently specializes in iOS, Android and other mobile technologies.

Check out the new Android Data Persistence course at Treehouse.

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  1. seems to like like android will soon merge with windows mobile

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