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Dale Sande
writes on August 27, 2014

Now that you know the basics of Sass, it’s time to put these new skills to work in the best way possible. Learning the ‘best practices’ for writing Sass will gain you admiration among your peers.

There are three sections in this new course:

Getting Started

We will dive into file management and importing that won’t steer you wrong. We will also use Source Maps to help debug our code and remind us where we put all these files.

Advanced Variables, Mixins, Functions, and Placeholders

You have mastered DRY and that is awesome! But now let’s look at how we can take all these variables, mixins, functions and placeholders to make some rock solid modular code. We will also look at advanced naming conventions with nesting features, how !default works and how to DRY up our variable naming conventions using list maps.

Advanced Functions

Functions are amazing and there are multiple examples out there that illustrate how to better abstract away calculations and operations into individual functions that can be consumed into other functions, mixins or directly with CSS attributes. In this section we will look at how we can use functions to introspectively understand our code.

What you’ll learn.

Advanced variables, mixins, functions, and placeholders
Concepts on advanced functions
Advanced directives
Sass in the Stack

Check out the full Advanced Sass course outline.

And also my book ‘Sass in the Real World


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3 Responses to “New Course: Advanced Sass”

  1. I really enjoyed SASS course taught by Hampton and yes I’ll be soon check out this new course soon as I’m getting interested in SASS in Stack!

    and Dale thanks for mentioning what you’ll learn atleast for me it helps that I can see what be the new thing in this course I will learn, thanks man

  2. Hello! I am a Treehouse user and I LOVE IT! I recently started using Sass in a project, and I LOVE IT as well. BUT, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how using Sass makes any sense. Where I work we build a lot of WordPress sites, and we hardly ever develop locally (I know, some might say we’re doing it wrong). My question is, and correct me if I’m wrong I’m very new to Sass, if you can only use Sass locally (which is how I understand it), how is it relevant after launching a site? We would have to download an entire WordPress site and database to update a few lines of Sass code? Please help me understand, I’ve been trying to research this and nobody seems to use Sass in a production environment. Are there any resources you can point me toward? Sass is definitely the future of CSS, and I’m trying to sell my team on it, but if we can’t use it in production it won’t fly around here. Thanks for you patience!

    • Sass makes it easier to write and maintain code. It’s not really supposed to effect what’s live on your site. You upload the css that your sass compiles to on your server. The benefits to teams are amazing, especially when working on larger sites. You can edit codes in small chunks without effecting your larger architecture, and then upload the updated css that’s output. It’s really hard to maintain css in general when you’re only working on the actual server. When I’m working on WordPress staging sites, I use the WebStorm IDE, which I set to compile my sass and upload via FTP on every save.

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