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writes on November 15, 2022

The tech industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, and the job outlook for software developers is strong. At the same time, even basic web coding skills are becoming valuable for non-technical jobs. 

Although there are a number of benefits to knowing how to code, there’s still a perception that it’s difficult to learn. However, many students learn to code online without any degree or technical background. So you might be asking, is learning to code online worth it in 2022?

Read on to discover if learning to code online is right for you.

We’ll explain all this and more:

  • Why coding is beneficial now
  • Whether it’s better to learn in person or online
  • Getting a job after learning to code online
  • The different ways to learn online
  • Some of the projects you can work on

Why Coding is Worth Learning Now

The world is becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and coding skills are a great way to stand out in a competitive job market. As well as helping you jumpstart your tech career, the ability to code sets you apart from other job applicants in less technical fields.

In a digital age, working with development and IT teams is becoming more and more the norm.

You may be a store owner looking to build your website. Well, coding knowledge will allow you to do it yourself or speak the same language as your development team.

Similarly, if you work in digital marketing, you’ll probably find yourself feeding website issues back to a developer – this is where your coding skills will come in handy. Whether you’re a marketer, designer, project manager, or work in any other digital-first career, knowing to code is a valuable skill. 

Demand for software developers is constantly growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that computer and information technology jobs will increase by 15% over the next decade. This is faster than the overall job market, making tech an excellent career path.

While learning to code can help you embark on or progress your career, it also teaches you how to think differently. You’ll improve your problem-solving skills and depending on the type of programming, your design or analytical skills too. These can carry over into many different careers and industries.

Is it Better to Learn Coding Online or in Person?

There will always be some students that learn better in classrooms, but the accessibility and flexibility of online learning platforms like Treehouse are unmatched. The ability to take courses online whenever you want and from wherever you want can make the difference between thinking about learning to code and actually getting started.

Students sometimes think they learn better in a classroom because there are other people around to motivate them. However, online platforms like Treehouse still offer a community for support.

Our Techdegrees encourage you to interact with your cohort on Slack, Zoom, and through regular peer code reviews. This gives you the opportunity to collaborate and seek the guidance you need to stay motivated.

Our online bootcamps are often much more flexible and dynamic than many in-person bootcamps. We steer clear of the long, structured days of classroom learning. Instead, we create interactive, stimulating environments where you learn at your own pace.

Unlike in-person courses, Treehouse Techdegrees are self-paced – fit learning around your life, with courses that can take anywhere from three to 12 months.

From front end web development to UX design, we have countless courses to suit all careers.

Explore our online coding courses

Can I Get a Job After Learning Coding Online?

Yes, a good online course will give you the skills to start your coding career.

Treehouse has enabled many students to make a career change into paths like software engineering. Not only endowing you with practical skills, you’ll gain confidence to help overcome the imposter syndrome that’s holding you back.

“The value of Treehouse, in my opinion, is something that simply can’t be taught with formal education. It taught me how to teach myself. A skill like that is priceless,” explains Lansana Camara, Treehouse Graduate and Software Engineer.

Many students land web developer jobs without a college degree. The same goes for mobile development and other software development roles. Although you don’t need a degree or technical background, you will need in-demand programming skills and a portfolio to showcase your capabilities.

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Choose Your Path With the Treehouse Techdegrees

Treehouse has launched a number of Techdegrees – online coding bootcamps designed to give you the real-world skills to land a job. This includes courses, workshops, quizzes, code reviews, and a community to support you along the way.

The current Treehouse Techdegree options include:

  • Front End Web Development: Learn to build highly-responsive websites and web apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This program covers everything you need to become a proficient front-end web developer.
  • Full Stack Web Development: Learn to build both the front-end and back-end of web apps from scratch with JavaScript, React, and more. After completing this program, you’ll be a certified full-stack web developer.
  • Python Development: Learn to build apps and work with data using Python, Flask, and SQLAlchemy. This covers all the skills required to become a proficient Python developer.
  • Data Analysis: Learn how to interact with and analyze data using Python, SQLAlchemy, JupyterLab, and other technologies. From this program, you’ll build the skills you need to become a data analyst.
  • UX Design: Learn to design apps, websites, and other online experiences by creating wireframes, mockups, research plans, prototypes, and more.

We also offer Treehouse Tracks, a collection of smaller, self-guided courses.

If you’re not ready to complete an intensive course, or you’re unsure what kind of coding you want to specialize in, our Tracks are a great place to start.

There are dozens of Tracks to choose from that are focused on specific programming languages, frameworks, types of development roles, and even non-programming tech topics.

What Projects Can I Learn From Coding Online?

The best part about learning with Treehouse is that you’ll build a strong portfolio across a variety of projects.

Our full-stack development JavaScript course sees students first build something simple like a random quote generator. Projects then get progressively more advanced as your skills develop, from building a simple photo gallery to creating an app for tracking school course sign-ups. This helps you reinforce and build upon the coding skills you learn.

The data analysis course includes analyzing Olympic, video game, and Oscar-winning movie data. By the end, you’ll know how to generate unique and interesting insights from data.

Many of the Techdegrees include a final project that requires you to build your professional portfolio. This brings together all the skills you’ve learned so you can show off your skills in a practical way.

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth it?

Coding bootcamps go beyond a simple coding course. They help you build a strong foundation in a specific field so you can get the job you want. While there are many online coding courses to choose from, Treehouse Techdegrees focuses on building real-world skills from scratch.

Here’s what some students have to say about learning with Treehouse:

“I love Treehouse because of their presentation and how well the lessons are scaled to gradually become more challenging – never too much of a difficulty spike.” – Sam Blaha, Treehouse Graduate and Software Developer at PNC Bank.

“Treehouse is like my secret weapon… It has so many courses on diverse topics that I can rely on it for almost any new challenge. One important thing to keep in mind about becoming a programmer is that you have to keep learning new things.” – Soojin Ro, Treehouse Graduate and Mobile Developer.

“Being employable after learning has allowed me to help provide for my family of five and given me the gift of really loving what I get to do every day.” – Priscilla Luna, Treehouse Graduate and Front End Developer.

Discover even more Treehouse success stories.

Get Started With Team Treehouse

Learning to code has had a tremendous impact on the lives of over 1.2 million Treehouse students across the globe. Many have gone from zero programming skills to landing a variety of developer jobs.

If you’ve decided you do want to learn to code, Treehouse has created the Learn to Code for Beginners Track as a great starting point. This set of courses gives you an overview of various programming languages and an introduction to some of the different disciplines in the tech industry. By working through this beginner Track, you’ll have a better idea of what tech field or career path interests you the most.

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