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Lindsey Rogerson

Lindsey Rogerson
writes on April 29, 2022

As a novice web developer or aspiring coder who wants to build high-performing software applications and websites, you’re likely out there looking for great courses you can take.

With the numerous online course programs at Treehouse for developing skills in different fields of tech development, it can be difficult to determine if it’s worth the investment.

So, is a Treehouse Techdegree worth it?

In this guide, you’ll find out whether Treehouse is worth your money, which Treehouse Techdegrees you can invest in, and how they are different from other programming courses out there.

Keep reading to learn:

  • What is a Treehouse Techdegree?
  • Which Treehouse Techdegree Programs to choose from
  • How long is a Treehouse Techdegree program?
  • Can I get a job with a Treehouse Techdegree?
  • Is Treehouse good to learn coding?
  • What programming language should you learn first?
  • Is Treehouse Techdegree worth it?

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What is a Treehouse Techdegree?

Treehouse, or Team Treehouse, is a platform that offers interactive expert-led online courses to teach you what you need to know about programming and design.

Treehouse Techdegree is an intensive online program to learn how to code and get certified for your skill.

They comprise several bootcamp-style online courses to learn coding and design whether you’re at the beginner, intermediate or advanced stages. 

With a Treehouse Techdegree, you can:

  • Build a relevant, impressive portfolio.
  • Collaborate with colleagues to grow your network.
  • Take code quizzes and challenges to test and solidify your knowledge.
  • Receive certifications for course completion.

Here are in-depth Treehouse Techdegree programs you can become certified in:

Front-End Techdegree

The Front-End Techdegree is a Treehouse online bootcamp, focused on learning about client-side development.

You’ll create real-world projects — like a browser version of “Wheel of Success,” which is a fun word guessing game. You can even add this to your portfolio!

Treehouse Front-End Techdegree contains expert-taught courses where you can learn how to build interactive applications and websites using front-end programming languages — HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Full-Stack Techdegree

The Treehouse Full-stack Techdegree allows you to get certification in JavaScript full-stack development.

You’ll learn how to develop both the front-end and back-end of a website or software application.

With Treehouse Full-Stack JavaScript Techdegree, you’ll be able to develop functional and scalable websites and apps through a series of course curriculums of nine projects.

UX Design Techdegree

UX Design Techdegree is Treehouse certification training in user experience design.

This online bootcamp teaches you how to design apps and sites for better user experiences. 

Treehouse UX Design Techdegree has a series of nine projects to learn how to design sites and apps, perform user research, and critique other UX designs.

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Python Development Techdegree

Python Dev Techdegree is Treehouse online programming bootcamp to get certification in Python development.

This Treehouse Techdegree has a series of four projects to teach you how to use Python to build basic command lines and apps.

With Treehouse Python Development Techdegree, you’ll learn to build web applications using the programming language Python.

Data Analysis Techdegree

Data Analysis Techdegree certifies you in data analysis. This Treehouse online bootcamp contains seven projects to teach you data analysis.

With Treehouse Data Analysis Techdegree, you’ll learn how to analyze and interpret data (from spreadsheets, databases, and Python coding) and turn it into context-rich insights.

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How long is a Treehouse Techdegree?

A Treehouse Techdegree is an intensive training program that is self-paced. 

This means that the time you spend learning a skill is entirely up to you and would depend on your availability and commitment.

A Treehouse Techdegree can take anywhere between three to six months or more, depending on how occupied you are.

However, we went ahead and analyzed our students’ learning schedules for your reference. 

Here’s a list of Treehouse Techdegree programs and the completion timeframes when students were able to dedicate three hours daily to learning:

  • Front End Web Development – 4 months
  • Full Stack JavaScript – 5 months
  • User Experience (UX) Design – 3 months
  • Python Development – 2 months
  • Data Analysis – 4 months

Can You Get a Job With a Treehouse Techdegree?

Yes, you can get a job with a Treehouse Techdegree

Certification in a Treehouse Techdegree puts you in a position where you’re fit for a job. It allows you to develop coding skills to advance in your career path.

A Treehouse Techdegree will help prepare you by teaching you the development skills you need for a specific role. More so, you’re able to:

  • Work on real-world projects to build your portfolio
  • Take code quizzes and challenges to upskill
  • Partake in collaborative software projects
  • Ask for job advice in an interactive community forum and exclusive slack groups
  • Network with others in the community for future job opportunities.

A Treehouse Techdegree will prepare you with both hard and soft skills that hiring managers look out for when scrutinizing developers and their works. 

With Treehouse learning programs, you can begin a career in tech development such as web (front-end, back-end, or full-stack), application, or game development.

Is Treehouse Good to Learn Coding?

Yes, Treehouse learning programs are good to learn to code. 

Treehouse offers professional video courses to sharpen your expertise in several web development fields like front-end, full-stack, and UX design. 

Treehouse operates on the fact that you don’t need a college degree or expensive tuition to learn your desired coding skill.

This is why Treehouse offers several comprehensive learning programs for aspiring and advanced coders in the form of fast-paced techdegree, tracks, and courses.

Treehouse learning programs are different from other similar options because they provide you with the workspaces you need to develop your skills.

Every Treehouse course provides you with interactive workspaces to write code in staged environments.

It makes it easy to learn to code as you don’t have to bother about installations or environment setup.

More so, there are quizzes and challenges available to test and strengthen the coding knowledge you’ve acquired. You also receive and give feedback on software projects during peer code reviews.

One of the most important features of taking a Treehouse learning program is access to the platform community and an exclusive slack group to connect with other students, moderators, and Treehouse staff. 

What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

When it comes to starting a Treehouse Techdegree, you might ask what programming language you should first learn.

It’s always best to start with high-level scripting languages — such as Javascript, Python, and Ruby — since they are easy to learn compared to other languages. 

A lot of developers would recommend getting started with Python, which is a back-end programming language.

This is because Python is simple even for beginner coders. It’s easy (easier than Javascript) and reads like English.

But, Python is one-sided and would not do much for aspiring coders interested in front-end development. 

Javascript should be the first programming language you learn.

This is not only because Javascript is currently the most in-demand programming language in the world with almost 70% usage. 

graph of javascript popularity.

Stack Overflow’s 2020 Survey

Here are five more reasons why Javascript should be the first programming language you learn:

  1. Javascript works for both front-end and back-end development.
  2. It can be used alone to build applications while Python can only be used as a part of the development.
  3. It provides seamless, endless capabilities during web development while Python is complicated.
  4. Node.js in JavaScript makes this programming language remarkably faster than Python.
  5. It’s also a high-level scripting language that is easy to learn.

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The Bottom Line: Is Treehouse Worth It?

Yes. Whether you want to build a career as a front-end, Python, UX, or full-stack developer, Treehouse is the place for you.

The Treehouse Techdegree consists of several comprehensive courses and real-life projects to train and certify you in your tech development path. 

Treehouse offers a free 7-day trial for all their multi-tiered subscription programs (Techdegrees, Tracks, and Courses) with access to learning materials so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Ready to learn to code, build your portfolio, and land your dream job? Start a Treehouse Techdegree for free.


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