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Faye Bridge
writes on June 3, 2016

If you’re new to learning to code, you’ll likely have already encountered a few challenges. But with each problem you solve, there’s the reward of seeing your knowledge expand and skills grow. Everyone starts as a beginner and when you look back at this part of your learning experience you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

At Treehouse, we guide our students from complete beginners through to job-ready for the tech industry, but beyond our curriculum there is additional advice that can help you along the way. We asked a few Treehouse alumni who joined us as beginners – and are now full-time developers – to share their coding wisdom with new students.

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What advice would you share with new students who are just starting to learn to code?


With the rigorous and focused curriculum of the Treehouse Techdegree, Steve learned to code and switched careers from a teaching assistant to a full-time front end developer, increasing his salary by 50%. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.


Joshua was a Business Development Manager but knew it wasn’t the career he wanted in the long-term. So he decided to learn to code and make the jump to a career in tech. Today he is a Senior Email Designer at Bonnier and runs a web and user experience shop with his wife. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.


Since learning with Treehouse, Sarah propelled her career forward and is now a web developer at LinkedIn. Read her full-length interview with Treehouse here.


Jacob was an unemployed college grad struggling to find a job. He chose to change course and prepare himself for the tech industry. After a few months of learning with Treehouse he landed an internship at Elegant Seagulls, which turned into a developer position. Read his full-length interview with Treehouse here.


Laura made the switch from a career in fitness to Front End Development with the coding skills she learned with Treehouse. Read her full-length interview with Treehouse here.

Based on your learning experience, what tips would you share?

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