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Lindsey Rogerson

Lindsey Rogerson
writes on February 8, 2022

Instead of searching for coding classes near you, hunt for the best education. You can get a better education online with courses like the Treehouse Techdegree.

Study online and get started in your tech career in just a couple of months. Build a portfolio and be ready to blow away your next interviewer.

Top Online Coding Classes


Treehouse is an online coding school where you can subscribe to a variety of coding courses at any level. You can take courses one at a time from the courses library, or you can do an online boot camp (called a Techdegree at Treehouse), which takes about 3-9 months to complete.

The Treehouse tech degrees give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs. The Techdegrees provide you with a portfolio you can use in interviews. Also, just doing one or two courses can be a great way to brush up your skills.

The live instruction makes Treehouse different from typical online coding schools. You can take courses directly on the site, then if you run into any problems you can interact with the community on the Treehouse slack. Our instructors are here to help you solve the problems you might encounter while studying at Treehouse. 

The materials are available online, so you can study the material at your own pace. You can study quickly or slowly depending on the other demands in your life. As well, you can pause your study if you ever need to do something else for a couple of months.

Treehouse is the best online coding boot camp available today. You should sign up here


Codecademy is another online school like Treehouse that runs a variety of coding courses. Codecademy runs courses for 10 different programming languages and has tracks of different lengths. 

The Codecademy material is organized into courses and career paths, where each course or career path set is broken down further into lessons. 

A course might be up to 10 lessons, with the intent that you’ll be able to finish it quickly. A career path might be over 100 lessons and allows you to develop skills to the extent that you can start to work in that field. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a great learning resource that primarily targets kids. Khan Academy will walk you through all of the basics of web development and beyond. 

Khan Academy allows you to work on your coding problem right inside of the Khan Academy workspace. This means you don’t need to learn how to set up a dev environment to start learning with Khan Academy. You can do everything in-browser, where the problems and tasks are well set up for success. This is also available for all Treehouse programs!

MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is a great place to find courses that will teach you a specific skill or language. There are hundreds of courses that target different skills and interests – they offer much more than just computer science. There are also other subject areas such as history, business, and more.


EdX is much like the MIT OpenCourseWare platform. EdX is a huge library of courses and you can sort through them with a variety of filters. You can select courses and earn certificates from major institutions such as Harvard and Yale. Usually taking the course itself is free, and if you want to get a certificate from the institution you can pay a small fee, such as $50 or $100. 

The Odin Project

The Odin Project is a pretty famous full-stack web development track that will take you through from start to finish. You can learn at your own pace, and it’s completely free. You won’t have instructors to help you out with the material, but you can use the community and forums where the course problems might be being discussed.


FreeCodeCamp is another great coding-focused online platform. You can choose several different tracks of material and it’s all free. There are no real instructors, but the material is maintained by the FreeCodeCamp team so that it stays up-to-date and correct. 


Udemy is a fantastic platform for finding learning materials. It’s not coding-focused, but you can find some coding materials there. Udemy will provide you with material of different levels, so you can choose what you want to learn when you want to learn it. The courses on Udemy were written and distributed by community members who made the course. The material wasn’t made by Udemy, but it was approved and published by Udemy.


Just like Udemy, Coursera is a great resource for all different kinds of courses. You can find materials for any kind of topic of study there, and you can choose the order and speed of your study. Some courses on Coursera are free, but some cost money. The courses on Coursera were written and distributed by community members who made the course. The material wasn’t made by Coursera, but it was approved and published by Coursera.


Udacity is a tech-focused online learning platform. You can choose from a set list of tech-focused programs that Udacity compiled. Unlike Udemy and Coursera, all of the programs on Udacity were written by Udacity. You can graduate with a certificate issued from Udacity.

Start Now!

If there’s ever been a time to learn to code, it’s now. There are hundreds of resources to get you started as well as online courses. You can learn anything, anywhere, any time. You won’t even be on your own – thousands of people are heading down the “learn to code” path, and they’re posting their questions, problems, and ideas on community forums everywhere.

It’s time to get started! But what courses are you going to take? 

Do you want to start with an in-person coding course? Or do you want to get started with an online resource?

You have a lot to choose from, but a great way to get started is to join a program like Treehouse.

Treehouse has online boot camps that span every level, from beginner to advanced. The material isn’t just online, real instructors help you through problems so you don’t have to study alone.

You should check out the library of courses if you’re looking into starting coding courses in the near future.

Join Treehouse For Great Instruction

Joining Treehouse is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Treehouse brings you all of the convenience of studying online, and you still get the instruction and community you would get if you studied in person.

Treehouse is cheaper

Treehouse is much cheaper than an in-person coding school. An In-person coding school can cost around 15,000 USD. Treehouse is more on the order of 1000 USD to complete the entire boot camp. That’s 15 times cheaper than an in-person coding school. 

Treehouse has great instruction

Treehouse comes with instructors that can help you solve the problems that you encounter while studying. You can reach out to the instructors and get their help any time you don’t understand something. You can get the same level of instruction from Treehouse as you could get from an in-person boot camp.

Treehouse community

Not only does Treehouse have great instructors, but Treehouse has a great community. You can interact with your classmates on the Treehouse community forum and learn from each other. Treehouse also has an active slack community, which can help with job posts, networking, and getting tips for tech interviews.

Coding Curriculum and Tracks

Available online bootcamps

What is the curriculum for the online boot camps? Check out the following programs here:

  • Web Development – Learn a broad overview of all the skills involved in web development.
  • Data Analysis – Study how to manipulate and use data to identify the meaningful items in a 

Common tracks of study

Beyond the boot camps, other common areas of study are as follows:

Get Started With Treehouse

Get started with Treehouse and learn to code efficiently. Learn to code for the lowest rates available, and in a short amount of time. 

You can sign up to take Treehouse courses, or you can sign up for a Techdegree and get job-ready in a matter of months. 

You can be job-ready and learn to code in a matter of months! Check out these student success stories and find out exactly how you can get your first job in tech!


Learning with Treehouse for only 30 minutes a day can teach you the skills needed to land the job that you've been dreaming about.

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