We have just released a new Android course where you can learn how to build Ribbit, an app that lets users send photo and video messages that “self-destruct” after they’ve been viewed! This is the Android version of the same project for iOS, and both projects can share a common back-end from Parse.com.

In the Self-Destructing Message app we will build on the concepts learned in previous Android projects to create an app that will allow users to send photo or video messages to other users that will be deleted once viewed. The app will be tab-based, meaning we will cover Fragments, and we’ll dive further into layouts, list views, and the Activity lifecycle. The backend of the app will be built on Parse.com‘s popular cloud storage services, which will handle user accounts and file and message storage. You can also extend this project with the Android Tools project that was released a few weeks ago.

Build a Self-Destructing Message App