Developer Interview: Paul Irish

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Paul Irish, web developer and Google Chrome Developer Advocate, visits with Nick Pettit about the increasing complexity of front-end development, careers paths, HTML5 Boilerplate, and much more.

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7 comments on “Developer Interview: Paul Irish

  1. This is a great video, its nice to hear from the pros about career paths. This is also a great refresh on using chrome, this will help my productivity. I like that he describes his motivation, and his flaws as a developer like having bad memory. Writing things down is a great tip.

  2. Beware, this interview is almost 2 years old. It says “Published Oct 18, 2012.”

    It’s still good. I just wanted to point that out in case some weren’t aware.

  3. Hi Jonathan, yes the interview was done a while ago but we just made all of our interviews public on our your tube channel. We hope you enjoy them.

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