Treehouse Affiliate Program

At Treehouse, we treat our affiliates with as much care as we treat our customers. Our belief is that our success is ultimately tied to the success of our affiliates. Here are some highlights of the Treehouse affiliate program:

  • 50% of the first-month-only transaction fee for Silver and Gold Monthly memberships.
  • 30% of the transaction fee for Silver Annual memberships; 20% of the transaction fee for Gold Annual memberships
  • $3.00 for Free Trial offers
  • 90 day cookie duration
  • Exclusive monthly newsletter for affiliates with special promotions, content, and codes that you can use for your affiliate marketing efforts

Click here to become an affiliate.

Contact Information

Our affiliate manager is more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our program. Please be aware that if you did not receive a confirmation e-mail from ShareASale when you applied, your application may not have been completely properly and/or the e-mail might still be in your spam folder. Please send any questions to our affiliate manager at

17 comments on “Treehouse Affiliate Program

  1. I’ve been looking all over for a credible web design affiliate program for my blog – I want to propose freelance web design as an alternative to attending college… or maybe as a side gig while in college. Either way, I think you’ve got a great site going here and I’d love to be a part of that :)

  2. Percentage of the first month is not that impressive. I think a percentage of continuing months would lead to some more motivation for affiliates.

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