LearnYou-Centric: The Future of Browsing

writes on October 16, 2009

In this talk at The Future of Web Apps London, Aza Raskin talks about the future of browsers. He discusses …

  1. YOU-Centric browsing
  2. How browsers will manage your identity
  3. Browsers with native natural language processing
  4. Built-in payments in browsers

By the way, hope you can join us at …

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  2. After this i dont think i will ever want to us IE! What i am wondering is how long it will take to get designer out of business bc one of these days they will make a program that lets you make what ever you want from vectors and psd’s that is as easey as using clip art… i hope it takes taime! Great Video

  3. Good timing good writing great post!

  4. Must complement the writer on compiling this post. Good presentation and high on content. Chheeeeerzzzz.

  5. great talk. this is how it should be. quietly killing facebook with his song, too

  6. is this another form of browser?

  7. The talk is really useful. very cute very interesting :))

  8. Thanks, I enjoyed the talk.

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