Treehouse NewsWorkshop Wonder Pass Competition: The Winner

Natasha Higgins
writes on January 27, 2009

Since yesterday people have been voting for their favourite video for the Workshop Wonder Pass Competition.
The winner will receive a pass which allows them to attend all of the Carson Workshops throughout 2009.

We had three awesome finalists:

Melissa Leon – Video entry

Scott Oldford – Video entry

Phil Ricketts – Video entry

The votes are in and have been counted, and the winner is……

Phil Ricketts

Well done Phil 🙂

Melissa and Scott as runner up prizes we will send you a T-shirt!

A big thank you to everyone that voted, you are all super cool!

0 Responses to “Workshop Wonder Pass Competition: The Winner”

  1. The winning video seems to be private, can we see it?

  2. Is there a password to watch the videos? I clicked on the link and got the message that it was a private video – so how has everyone else managed to see it?

  3. Ben,

    I have no idea what the obscured four-letter word is, but don’t be alarmed if I jump when shocked and spray mace in your face, after bumping into you at the agency!

  4. Hey guys!

    I’m so chuffed to get this pass, I will thoroughly enjoy it and make the most of what I discover. Thanks to all who voted.

    I have stalked some of you carsonifites on twitter for ages, so I’m overjoyed to win a pass to some of your events! I can’t wait!

    Once again, thanks for this fantastic opportunity. I’m sorry that more people didn’t enter, there would have been better quality submissions, and more competition – but – I’m not too sorry as I won!

    Thanks everyone.


  5. Was expecting something a little more creative to be honest… missed my chance now!

  6. Congrats Phil – well deserved with the real life cover flow mate!

  7. Melissa Leon on January 27, 2009 at 6:05 pm said:

    good job phil! hope you enjoy the workshops!

  8. Phil, loving the real life cover flow…lol 🙂

  9. Well done Phil….If you continue sucking at the Internet i will &*%$ you myself…

  10. They were the finalists?!?!?

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