LearnWonderful Web Workshops Dates Released for 2009

Natasha Higgins
writes on December 10, 2008

I am delighted to announce the dates for Carson Workshops 2009, yippee!

Ben Huh of I Can Has Cheezburger – Tuesday 3rd February 2009 More Information

Paul Boag of Headscape – Tuesday 10th February 2009 More Information

Eric Meyer of meyerweb.com – Monday 9th March 2009

Ryan Singer of 37signals – Monday 27th April 2009

Tara Hunt of Citizen Agency – Monday 22nd June 2009 More Information

Daniel Burka of digg/Pownce – Tuesday 8th September 2009

Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits – November 2009

Passes are available to book for Ben Huh, Paul Boag and Tara Hunt. Be quick as there are only 10 early bird passes at £375 +VAT. If you would like to register your interest for the other workshops and receive more information please e-mail natasha at carsonified dot com.

Have a great Christmas and hopefully see you all in the new year 🙂

0 Responses to “Wonderful Web Workshops Dates Released for 2009”

  1. Bit Very pricey

  2. Don’t be bitter Davester…

  3. Sorry, can’t afford tickets. Got an A6 to keep on the road, and there’s a recession on, you know.

  4. Some of them look really good, far to expensive at the moment though! 🙁

  5. paul stone on December 11, 2008 at 12:37 pm said:

    Bit too expensive for me. Sound interesting, though.

  6. Would totally go but can’t really justify it as I was recently made redundant.

  7. Wish I could afford it, but I can’t right now.
    Sure they will be amazing all the same.

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