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Faye Bridge
writes on September 22, 2017

Each week we publish new content for you here on the Treehouse blog. From coding tutorials and tips to student stories and tech industry insights, we’re here to give you a weekly dose of web design and development resources. Be sure to check back in weekly, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with what’s new. Here’s a recap of what we’ve featured recently.

Everything You Need to Evaluate Before Saying Yes to Your First Dev Job


You’ve probably heard that finding your first dev job is the toughest job search of your career, and most people will tell you that’s pretty accurate. A key strategy to making sure that you’ll be receiving a job offer that you’ll want to accept is making yourself a strong candidate. These are the building blocks to becoming a career catch. Read more.

Webinar series: How to launch an effective technical training program

We’re excited to announce a new webinar series that will give you the knowledge and framework you need to create straightforward, results-driven technical training programs, whether you have a program that needs updating or you just don’t know where to start.

Over the course of four, live webinars, we’ll take a closer look at common hurdles when starting technical training programs and ways to ensure you’re building a successful program that accomplishes goals and keeps employees engaged from start to finish. Read more.

8 Must-Have Tools in a Beginner Developer’s Toolkit

developer toolkit

When you’re new to coding, you’ll start to hear about all the latest and greatest tools for developers. Coding is ultimately problem-solving, which is why new tools are constantly being created to help solve those problems. As you grow your skills, you’ll start to be able to test out the tools that best fit your needs and projects. But, when you’re first getting started, what are some of the essential tools that should be in a developer’s toolkit? Read more.

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Kotlin

In May of 2017, Google announced Kotlin would be an officially supported language on the #Android platform. Learn more about Kotlin in this absolute beginner’s guide. Read more.

How to Learn to Code by Teaching

code by teaching

”Wait, what? Learn to code by teaching?” On its face, it defies logic. How can you possibly learn by teaching or helping others learn? What would you conceivably add to your knowledge base and skill set by explaining something you already know how to do? When Jennifer Nordell first started answering questions in the Treehouse Community, she did it because she wanted to give back to the Community. She never considered the possibility of learning about code by helping others learn about code. Having answered over 2500 programming questions from other students, here’s what she learned by helping others. Read more.

Try Docker with One Command

Heard of Docker, but still don’t know exactly what it is? Let’s fix that in one sentence: Docker lets developers bundle an app, together with services it depends on (like databases), into a runnable package called a containerNow let’s get you started with Docker using one single command. Read more.

How Checkmate sharpens skills with Treehouse

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Checkmate has helped over 50 companies navigate the startup landscape since 2015. Treehouse has enabled its team to speed up the pace of work, increase communication and broaden their talent pipeline with technical training. Today, we’re sharing their story. Read more.

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