Treehouse NewsNew Courses at Treehouse: Bootstrap 4 & ASP.NET

Ryan Carson
writes on October 20, 2017

Every Wednesday, new courses and workshops are added to the growing Treehouse Library! Read more about the two new courses added this week and get the scoop on what’s coming later this month. You can also check out everything that’s new by watching our weekly video update.

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Bootstrap 4 Basics– Guil Hernandez (141 minutes)

Learn to use the latest in Bootstrap 4, one of the most popular open source front end frameworks, to help you build a functional design and layout in little time.


Building Services with ASP.NET Web API– James Churchill (212 minutes)

Services expose data and processes through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) implemented using common approaches or standards. Decoupling our back-end from our front-end makes it possible for our services to support multiple client apps. We can even allow other developers and organizations to consume and use our services to further broaden the reach of our applications.

In this course, you’ll learn how to use the ASP.NET Web API framework to build a RESTful service or HTTP API. As you learn about Web API, you’ll create a service for the Fitness Frog single-page web app (SPA) developed using Angular.


Unit Testing in iOS – (October 2017)

Unit testing allows you to test your application for logic errors, prevent crashes, and even write better code. In this course, we cover the philosophy behind unit testing, ways we can structure our code to make it more testable and look at tools we can use to test our code. We’ll look at both tools that come built in, like the XCTest Framework in Xcode, as well as a few third party solutions for both Objective-C and Swift.

Build a Selfie App– (October 2017)

In this course we’re going to build an app that is quite popular these days – a selfie app! We’ll learn how to build and apply filters, how to use Core Data for more than just a single entity and how to use the device’s camera to create a fun app!

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