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What Can Your Business Do with More In-House Technical Skills?

What can your business do with more in-house technical skill?


Before you answer, take a few minutes to really think about it…

Okay. Again, what can your business do with more in-house technical skill?

Nearly everyone in your company can benefit from increased technical training, or are pro developers who need to keep their skills sharp.

Here are a few examples to get you and your team started. Visit the Treehouse library to see these and other available tracks, courses and workshops.


Code custom marketing emails with HTML courses

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Bring designs to life with the Front End Development track

Update front end skills to include Full Stack Javascript


Use SQL to run reports that can help you better understand user trends

Gain a greater understanding of Usability and how it affects users


Expand capabilities to include Ruby, Javascript or Python tracks

Explore mobile development with Android or iOS Development tracks

New Hires

Get everyone on the same page with the Digital Literacy track

Create a good foundation for communication with Soft Skills and Scrum Basics courses


Challenge interns to design a better website after they’ve gone through the Web Design track

Make an intern responsible for managing your WordPress run site after they’ve finished the Learn WordPress track

Ultimately, everyone benefits from increased technical know how – businesses get more productive and multifunctional employees, while employees gain marketable skills and feel more valued and valuable. Now is the perfect time to begin creating enhanced digital abilities within your company — you never know when new opportunities will arise in the future.

Check out Treehouse for Business and start leveling up your team’s tech skills today!
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