Welcome to the brand new ThinkVitamin! We’ve made a couple big changes around here so I wanted to explain what’s happening and why. We are so thankful for all of you, our readers, and we want to work even harder to deliver a valuable and interesting blog for you. Here’s what’s going on …

More Valuable Content

We’ve added two new things:

  1. Short daily posts on interesting news, creative ideas, new web tech and valuable links. These will be going into the main article feed. We will also still be posting quick news snippets to our Twitter-driven News Feed.
  2. A new ‘Learn’ section. These will be articles based on videos and presentations from Carsonified events like FOWA and FOWD. We’re launching with three articles for you:
    1. Get Clients to say Yes! by Paul Boag
    2. Get Started with DNS by Chris Lea
    3. How to Make Money off Your By-Products by Jason Fried.

We’ve also uploaded two audio files from the Learn section (in podcast format), which you can grab and listen to on the way to work.

In case you’re one of our 33,000+ RSS subscribers who hasn’t seen the re-design, feel free to stop by the site and check it out.

We’re still going to be posting one long ‘feature’ article per week. These will continue to cover all the design, development and web entrepreneurship topics you’re interested in.

Merging the Carsonified Blog and ThinkVitamin

Carsonified has been running two blogs, and as a small company, we felt that we were spreading ourselves too thin. The best way to serve you guys, our awesome readers, is to combine our efforts into one blog – and really put 110% effort into it. Therefore, we’ve decided to combine ThinkVitamin and the Carsonified blog, into one valuable blog for web designers, developers and entrepreneuers.

The new site will live at carsonified.com/blog and anyone heading to teamtreehouse.com/blog will be re-directed. All the old content from both Carsonified and ThinkVitamin will still work.

New Design

If you’re one of our faithful RSS subscribers, you won’t know this, but we’ve just re-designed the entire site (and the Carsonified site). ThinkVitamin hasn’t been properly re-designed since we launched it back in April 2006, so we felt it was time for a fresh re-design. Mike Kus, our amazing designer here at Carsonified, has added a bit of flair to the design, whilst also making it easier to navigate and read. We hope you like it!

Keep up-to-date

There are several ways you can subscribe to ThinkVitamin content:

  • Article RSS – All the main posts and features
  • News RSS – Our Twitter powered news feed
  • Podcast – Audio recordings of talks from our events
  • @carsonified – Focusing on news, thoughts and ideas for Web Professionals like you

Your Feedback

We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas, so please share in the comments below. Look forward to hearing from you!