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Webinar series: How to launch an effective technical training program


Investing in technical training programs to grow, retain, and upskill your teams makes sense. New tech means new opportunities, and it’s important to be prepared to strike while the iron is hot. We’ve written about best practices and tips for building effective tech training programs, but we know it’s not easy. You’re busy, your team is busy, and there are so many questions to answer before getting started.

Which technologies should you include in your program?

Who needs to learn these new tech skills?

How do you build a training program that sees results quickly?

Do you even have time to manage a new learning program when you already have a long list of responsibilities?

If you’ve been putting off developing a tech training program at work, it’s time to start thinking of what you want yourself, your team, and your business to accomplish in the months ahead. Luckily, now is a great time to start developing a plan because we’ve been working on something to help you get going.

We’re excited to announce a new webinar series that will give you the knowledge and framework you need to create straightforward, results-driven technical training programs, whether you have a program that needs updating or you just don’t know where to start.

Over the course of four, live webinars, we’ll take a closer look at common hurdles when starting technical training programs and ways to ensure you’re building a successful program that accomplishes goals and keeps employees engaged from start to finish.

Check out the program schedule:

September 27th – The 5 teams you should be empowering with technical training

October 18th – Aligning employee learning with company goals

November 8th – Building a customized training program for your team

December 6th – Structuring learning programs for maximum return

During each webinar, experts from our team will talk you through the topics, give you tools to use as you create your programs, share examples, and answer questions. Register for all of the series or one targeted in an area where you could use some help.

Register for the webinar series and learn how to build an effective technical training program for your team!
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