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Web app review: Peashoot

Yesterday I signed up for the free 21 day trial of Peashoot, a campaign manager for links you post on Twitter, Facebook and your blog. It’s created by Yongfook who some of you might be familiar with as the coder behind Sweetcron, one of the first open source lifestreaming applications.

What does it do?

Peashoot allows you to create and monitor link campaigns, i.e. a link you post to your Twitter stream of Facebook page. Creating campaigns are straightforward thanks to a clean and usable interface. It also allows you to associate goals with your campaigns. One example of a goal might be to reach 100 people from Germany, another might be to receive 10 retweets of your link.


Each campaign has an extensive report screen detailing the number of clicks, tweets, conversions (you are able to hook into your own Google Analytics account) and revenue. It also offers a number of graphs and charts dissecting where and when your link was clicked. The real time updating Google map is a nice touch.

In order to do this Peashoot uses it’s own URL shortening service. All links will start with although you can use a custom domain for your links if you have access to your domain’s DNS settings. If you associate your Google Analytics account with Peashoot all links will include campaign details which will then be tracked.

Other nice features include the ability to collect mentions of your link from social media services and the option of tracking keywords associated with your brand on Twitter.

Another reporting tool?

As many of you are aware services like, a free service, offer excellent tracking facilities (just enter a + sign after any URL to see the stats for that link).

In my opinion Peashoot is different. The ability to create campaigns, link it into Google Analytics and the extensive tracking and reporting tools make it a nice complimentary tool to statistics offered by services like


When signing up you do have to enter your payment details upfront, therefore you will get billed after the 21 days unless you remember to cancel. It’s a small point but one worth mentioning. I also encountered a slight issue with integrating Google Analytics. The settings screen states I am connected but the detail page does not list any accounts.


Three plans are available. Basic $17 a month, Pro $25 a month or Pro Yearly for $149 a month.

Verdict: Recommended

It’s a nice addition to your statistics and tracking software arsenal. Paying yearly brings the cost down to around $12.40 a month which is pretty good value if you use services like Twitter to publish links and need a way of working out how effective they are.

Tried it?

If you have tried Peashoot and have a different opinion or hints and tips to share please leave a comment.

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