LearnWant to rent a desk at Carsonified?

Ryan Carson
writes on October 25, 2007

We’re going to be moving into our new office on Dec 7th and we’ve got space for 7 extra desks. If you’d like to rent one (or if you’d like the whole room), shoot me an email. ryan at this domain.

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  1. Normally I wouldn’t comment on posts but I felt that I had to as your writing style is actually good. You have broken down a tough area so that it easy to understand.

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  2. Hey Alex,

    Unfortunately we’re not renting the space anymore. Sorry!


  3. How much are you looking to charge for a desk and some filing space?

  4. Thanks Mel. I thought it was in London though…
    It’s a shame, we can’t be neighbours then! : )

  5. The new office is in the centre of Bath – and it’s really lovely – even if we do say so ourselves… Plus we’ll be next door, what more could you want? 😉

  6. Where’s your new office located?

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