LearnVitamin is growing and needs another editor


writes on April 17, 2007

Hey everyone,

Vitamin is growing like crazy and we’re looking for a part-time editor to help us out. Here’s the deal:

– You can work from home
– It’ll be three days a week
– You’ll be comissioning articles and watching over the site
– You need to be excited and interested in the web industry (design, development, biz)
– Salary: $13K/year
– You’ll be technically self-employed (not a Carson Systems employee)
– It’ll be fun!

If you’re interested, please email lisa at thinkvitamin dot com with:

– Why you’re the perfect choice
– When you’re available
– Where you live



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0 Responses to “Vitamin is growing and needs another editor”

  1. Some of us aren’t quite as picky about salaries, methinks. I guess I’m just used to being a teacher by day/designer by night, and getting the respective salaries that go along with that.

    Have you filled the position yet? I stumbled upon this posting a bit late, but am working on an app to turn in right now and am hoping the job’s still up for grabs.

  2. “being from Canada I’m used to being over taxed and under paid”

    Join the club, It’s not just Canada. Here in the Uk I’m suprised their isn’t a tax for breathing.

    Whilst I can understand Lisas’ comments I cannot see much gain form this rate unless one is an entry level designer. This would be half of my weeks work but the pay just would not add up to pay the mortgage. Good luck to all those who applied

  3. Matthew Sole on April 23, 2007 at 11:11 am said:

    Hi Lisa/Ryan,

    It sounds like the perfect job for me, are you still accepting applications?

  4. If I had some more time I would love to be an editor. Perhaps another time.

  5. Thanks for sending in your applications. We’ve received tons! Looking forward to sortin’ through them.

  6. I’m very much interested, and my app is in as well. I don’t know why people complain about $13k/yr, being from Canada I’m used to being over taxed and under paid. Besides that amount of money is more than some of the really big companies (think large cable/mobile phone, sports franchise owner) pay most of their employees. I’d be happy working on Vitamin for a lot less, but they’re offering pay… even better.

  7. I’am intrested for this job.
    Because 13k/year is good money where I live.

  8. I agree with J Lane. Money isn’t everything, opportunity is more important and how you leverage that opportunity.

    Watched Dragon’s Den and 2 guys who got investment stood out for me, one of whom was Levi Roots and his Reggae Reggae sauce. He relinquished more equity than he wanted because for him it was more important that his product succeeded. I liked his attitude a lot and when I was in Sainsbury’s I bought his sauce – it’s very good by the way.

    I guess he realised that he could leverage his moment in the spotlight and what he would learn in the process is priceless, not to mention the contacts he’d establish.

    I’ve been slaving away on Holiday Pad for past couple of years and refused to display Goofball’s Nonsense (Adsense), despite the fact that it’s ripe for the field of interest my blog is in. Why poison my site for the sake of a few measly bucks?

    My app is in but I’m not the perfect choice. Who is?

  9. Yeah, I’m more into the “this is an amazing opportunity to work with great people in a really exciting context”. My app’s in, hope I measure up.

    Money really isn’t everything. This seems pretty reasonable (I’m Canadian, not writing in from a call centre in Shanghai).

  10. Vitamin is not about making huge amounts of revenue, it’s a community site so this salary is based on what we can feasibly afford to pay based on what revenue is coming in.
    Maybe you can accomplish what we need to get done in 2 days or less – if so, great! We will pay the same. If you want to know more, or would like to refer someone to us and ask for more information, just email me at lisa [at] thinkvitamin.com

  11. Ryan could you provide some more details about the job please.

    I think before the job gets shot down as being an insult and no better than working on a checkout at a supermarket. We need to know how many hours the job really requires. It might be that the job is over 3 days with 5 hours a day. As one of the roles is “watching over the site” it maybe it something that requires 20 minutes of checks every hour meaning a freelancer would be able to complete the job but still work on their own projects.

  12. Whether it is a part time position or not is irrelevant. It’s pretty much minimum wage in the UK!

  13. It’s a part time position!

    It’s on par for a part time job, and if you enjoy what you’re doing, it’s well worth it.

    For me, it wouldn’t be about the money, but about the education and experience.

  14. Sorry, but that’s an insulting salary. Not only would you earn more money working on the checkout at a supermarket, you would get benefits like a paid holiday and statutory sickness pay if you had an accident that left you unable to work.

    If that’s what you think the position is worth, then fine, but let it be said that if you pay peanuts…

  15. Perhaps they are looking for somebody who is extremely excited about the industry and is more interested in being able to be involved at Vitamin than finding a job to feed a family.

    If you were a student who lives and breathes web design, wouldn’t you be excited about such an opportunity?

  16. Jonathan on April 17, 2007 at 4:30 pm said:

    Are you sure you have the salary right?

    3 days a week is 60% of a standard working week. So your salary offer is the pro rata equivalent of a job with a full time annual salary of under £11,000. Doesn’t seem like much of an opportunity to me.

    I thought one of the things about web 2.0 was that it was helping to enable a new economy and a new way of working.

    Or are you only planning on recruiting from Russia or India?

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