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Two essential real-time colaboration tools

We use Google Docs for everything here at Carsonified. Recently they rolled out updates and it’s becoming insanely useful for long-distance real-time collaboration among our Team. The two tools we’re using the most are Google Documents and Google Drawing.

1) Google Documents

Google has added a commenting feature in Documents that is tremendously useful for discussing various ideas and recording the comments. Once a decision is reached in the discussion, the thread can be closed. This removes it visually from the right margin, thus removing distraction.

In addition to this handy discussion feature, you can also see the real-time edits of your Team.

2) Google Drawings

Google has added several features that make creating diagrams very easy, including snappable arrows and real-time multi-person editing. If you create a flow diagram and decide to move the nodes around, they stay connected automatically, without having to re-connect all the arrows and nodes.

The real-time editing is super helpful when discussing wireframes or User Flow Diagrams live over the phone or Skype.

Here’s a diagram that Alan made demonstrating the new hosting infrastructure for Treehouse …

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