Learn How to Quickly Design and Build Your Own Website

Be a part of the global conversation with your own website. Treehouse helps you learn the critical skills to create your own website fast, while avoiding many of the common pitfalls. This Treehouse Tool Kit will give you the edge with:

  • Art and the Web eBook
  • Stock Photograph Set
  • Stock Background Set
  • “Cubano” Sans Serif Font
  • Freelancing Audio Book

This kit gives you a head start to building your own unique designs. You’ll be able to:

  • Understand how fine art of the past 200 years applies to modern web design
  • Gain a better understanding of aesthetics as well as a broader vocabulary with which to discuss them
  • Polish your existing design and communication abilities.
  • Break down aesthetics from a very analytical perspective,
  • Add texture and depth with background images
  • Build compelling designs by adding stock photos
  • Add style to your designs with a unique, modern font
  • Get instant access to more than 50 videos in the Treehouse teaching library
  • Learn the ins and outs of working for yourself and how to get started
  • Decide what to charge, keep track of your finances, market yourself and find clients.