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writes on February 22, 2013

Treehouse is happy to announce that we’re partnering with this year’s Launch Festival to give you a Treehouse Skills Stage.

When: MARCH 4TH – 6TH 2013
Where: San Francisco Design Center Concourse

The 2013 LAUNCH Festival is “the best place to launch your startup, raise money and learn about starting a company”.

Because of Treehouse being a partner in the conference we’ve got hundreds of tickets to pass on to you our dear readers and members. If you’d like to enter for the chance at a FREE ticket, go HERE now. (Sorry, deadline now over. Noted, 3/3/12)

The Gist of Launch

40 companies launch (1.0 track) or launch new products (2.0 track) and compete for titles including Best Design, Best Technology, and Best Overall with 5,000+ attendees and 3,000 people in the audience making it the “largest live audience in technology.”

Angels, accelerators and VCs invested $1.4M in companies from LAUNCH FESTIVAL 2012. They expect to have $2M available this time! Their Grand Jury of seasoned investors and top journalists will observe all the main-stage action and choose the winners, while the panel of judges will sit on stage and give instant feedback on every demo. Plus they’ll have hundreds of already launched startups in their Demo Pit — those that most impress the Grand Jury will get to present on stage.


Launch 1.0

This competition is for completely new companies that have never had any press, public demos and whose services are currently in closed alpha or beta.

Launch 2.0

This competition is for existing companies that are launching new products such as an iPhone app or significant new versions of an existing product. For example, Path 2.0 would qualify as a “significant new version” of an existing project.

Launch Alpha

This brand new competition is for the best LAUNCH Hackathon project of the five that makes the main stage.

Bing Demo Pit

This competition is for existing companies that have already launched. A selection of companies from this group will be chosen by the Grand Jury to present on stage.

Schedule for the Treehouse House Skills Stage

Monday, March 4th

10:00 AM – Beginners Guide to Android, Ben Jakuben
11:00 AM – Responsive Design Patterns, Nick Pettit
12:00 PM – Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Corporate Structures, Pasan Premaratne
2:00 PM – Habits of Highly Effective Developers, Amit Bijlani
3:00 PM – Integrating Your Web App With Third-Party APIs, Randy Hoyt
4:00 PM – Building Real-Time Apps in Node.js, Jim Hoskins

Tuesday, March 5th

10:00 AM – Beginners Guide to iOS, Amit Bijlani
11:00 AM – Animation with CSS3, Nick Pettit
12:00 PM – Funding Must Haves, Pasan Premaratne
2:00 PM – Open Source Libraries to Jump Start Android Development, Ben Jakuben
3:00 PM – Coding Your First HTML5 Game, Jason Seifer
4:00 PM – Enhance HTML with Angular.js, Jim Hoskins

Wednesday, March 6th

10:00 AM – Eliminating the Sales Stigma, Kyle York
11:00 AM – Increase Front-End Performance, Nick Pettit
12:00 PM – Cross-Platform Mobile Strategy, Amit Bijlani and Ben Jakuben
2:00 PM – Social Commerce, Will Young
3:00 PM – How to Grow a Company without Funding, Jeremy Hitchcock

Check out the line up for the Skills Stage on the Launch site:


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