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writes on February 8, 2017

We’re trying something new with our monthly Treehouse Stereo playlist: themes! Each month, the playlist will be centered around a different theme for you to enjoy. 

We’re kicking things off for February with a relaxing list. With the excitement of the holidays and new year now over, many people find this a great month for resetting and unwinding (but still staying motivated, of course)! So without further ado, please enjoy, code and relax. 

The February Playlist

  1. Angela- The Lumineers
  2. Travelling- James Spiteri
  3. Real Love Baby- Father John Misty
  4. 5,000,000,000 Years- Whitaker
  5. Last Night In Los Feliz- Niia
  6. Coastline- Hollow Coves
  7. Garden View- Hales Corner
  8. The Watchtower- Sigimund
  9. Atlas Hands- Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  10. Rooting For You- London Grammar
  11. Interlude for Piano- Peter Bradley Adams
  12. Barcelona- George Ezra
  13. The Only Thing- Sufjan Stevens
  14. First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes
  15. Serena- Johannes Bornlof

Do you have a theme you’d love to hear in an upcoming playlist? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #TreehouseStereo. 

The May Treehouse Stereo Playlist: Ben’s Choice

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