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Besides talking shop about coding and teaching, we here at Treehouse often chat about our ongoing mission to bring affordable technology education to people everywhere, in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world. Since launching our TalentPath initiative, we’ve been especially interested in subjects like the escalating bidding war that tech companies are waging to attract, hire and train new talent; best practices for running a competitive engineering team; and how we all can best address EDI [Equity, Diversity and Inclusion] issues today, with an eye on our collective future.

Here are a few articles that we’ve been reading or talking about around the office this week:

“White explains that without casual communication at the water cooler or in the elevator, remote staff are at risk of only communicating with colleagues on work-related topics, which can leave them feeling disconnected from the rest of the organization. ‘It starts to drive the relationship towards them just feeling like a work unit rather than a person,’ he says, adding that in such circumstances a simple kudos for a job well done can seem impersonal or insincere.”
— “This is how you can make remote employees feel appreciated” by Jared Lindzon, Fast Company

“‘The easy part is we all have the data…so there’s kind of no excuse to not be looking at that data from a gender pay perspective,’ Robbins, president and chief people officer at Salesforce, said. ‘The risk is what it could expose. For some companies and CEOs it’s that unknown that makes them uncomfortable.'”
Here’s How Men Can Be Leaders in Improving Corporate Diversity” by Grace Donnelly, Fortune

“Inclusive leaders have the courage to speak out about themselves and to reveal, in a very personal way, their own limitations. Instead of shying away from the challenge of imperfection, highly inclusive leaders adopt an attitude of humility. … [yet] humility is the one attribute that is ‘most antithetical to common notions of leadership.’ It is difficult for leaders in the public spotlight to admit they don’t have all the answers. Courage and humility therefore go hand in hand.”
— “The six signature traits of inclusive leadership: Thriving in a diverse new world,” by Juliet Bourke and Bernadette Dillon

“White male VCs fund startups run by white men who, when they cash out, become VCs who fund the next generation of white male entrepreneurs. So the disparity in equity in Silicon Valley doesn’t just affect who’s seeing the big bucks when a company goes public, it also affects who gets funded the next time around, who gets hired, what products and services are developed, and what communities see investments.”
—”Tech’s diversity problem is even bigger than we realized — here’s why that’s so bad for the next generation of startups” by Troy Wolverton, Business Insider

“… while the area’s tech industry is booming, it still lags behind other sectors in racial and gender diversity. Sixty-five percent of Middle Tennessee’s tech workers are male, compared to 51.8 percent across other area occupations, and 11 percent of tech workers are African American, compared to almost 17 percent in other jobs.”
—”Nashville is adding tech jobs more rapidly than the national average — here’s what those jobs pay” by Joel Stinnett – Reporter, Nashville Business Journal

“Seattle is now witnessing similar challenges as the San Francisco Bay Area: huge talent inflows combined with limited housing supply are restricting affordability and slowing migration growth. Conversely, Nashville, Charlotte and Las Vegas have strong job opportunities coupled with more affordable housing markets.”
LinkedIn’s Workforce Report for October 2018

“When it comes to the tech sector, the Latinx population only represents 3% of the workforce. … As the second largest and fastest growing ethnic minority in the US, we are primed to be at the forefront of progressive advancement, utilizing technology as a tool to build equity.”
— “Latinx are the future of tech” by Josh Torres, Kapor Center

“Hooray for Treehouse, our students and our partners!!!” dept.:

“‘There is no single mechanism to solve for diversity,’ Mansbach said. ‘Fundamentally, what we are discovering is it means that we get to listen a lot.'”
— “MindBody aims to add more women, minorities to workforce” by Marissa Nall, Pacific Coast Business Times [Subscription required, sorry]

“Unfortunately, there is still a sizable gap between the number of new tech jobs created and the number of women and minorities who pursue computer science careers. After Ryan took a hard look at his own company and realized it wasn’t very diverse, he looked for ways to close that gap.”
— “Treehouse: Creating a Path to Diversity” by Jenny Mayo, Ask Nicely

“Tech companies spend upwards of $20,000 in fees per candidate to recruit college graduates, and then spend more money and time providing on-the-job training and knowledge transfer, only to lose their new recruits to better opportunities.”
— “The Future of Hiring” by Suzanne Abate, The Development Factory

This week’s video to play on your second monitor while you’re working:

“Inclusive Design with Jutta Treviranus,” via Mozilla:

What have you seen or read recently that might be good for a conversation at the water cooler and/or a #general Slack channel? Share them in the comments below.


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