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Treehouse is Oregon Tech’s Most Disruptive

I’m excited to announce that Treehouse has been named the most disruptive company in Oregon!

Each year, the Oregon Technology Association (TAO) hosts an event to recognize the hard work that local companies are putting in to bring jobs and innovation to the Pacific Northwest. Guests of the annual event range from CEOs, CFOs, and Executive leadership from companies, the amazing workforce that they support, and even the banks and lending firms that help fund their dreams. With 600+ members of our peers in the tech community in attendance, the event was packed and buzzing with energy.

Awards are presented throughout the evening in categories like Enterprise, Emerging, Rising Star and, while all the companies nominated are doing really remarkable things, Treehouse took home the trophy for Most Disruptive. We’re disrupting so much more than the Silicon Valley benchmarks and growth metrics. We’re disrupting how the tech industry hires and educates employees. We’re making education accessible, we’re offering new pathways for underrepresented people of color and women, and we’re truly working every day to solve the diversity problem plaguing the tech industry today.


The best part about winning this award is its voting process. We had the chance to showcase why we were disruptive in a quick two-minute video and the attendees of the event voted right there in the room for the winner. We even had folks from companies who were also nominated tell us that they voted for us instead of themselves! Check out the winning video below.

You may have read a piece that Bloomberg did on what we’re doing here at Treehouse, or heard about our first cohort of students in our TalentPath program who now work for companies like Nike and Invision. We’re also helping folks train into developer roles from other teams within organizations that may not have had that opportunity for education and advancement.

We are actively disrupting technology more than a new operating system, app, or tablet. Our goal is to create the future of the tech’s workforce – a future where people from all backgrounds are empowered to participate, contribute and thrive within an industry. We are actively opening doors for people who thought it was impossible.

Treehouse was built on the mission that we want to help people everywhere learn to code, affordable. We’re now taking it one step further; we’re focused on creating the future of technology jobs.

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