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writes on April 3, 2014

Our skills — not a college degree — make us valuable to employers.

That’s what we’ve heard from Treehouse students over and over again: The knowledge you’ve gained at Treehouse has helped you find jobs and secure freelance work.

If you’ve found a job or boosted your earnings because of your Treehouse education, we’re interested in your story.

We’re looking for students who have great personal stories to tell about how they’ve skipped traditional education at a four-year university in favor of learning at Treehouse. If you do have a college degree in an unrelated field and have since used Treehouse to get ahead, we want to hear your story, too.

We’ll pick a handful of the best to share in a story here on Treehouse.

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If you’re interested, email us at Please use “My Treehouse Story” as your subject line.

Please include:

  • your name
  • your age
  • when you started using Treehouse
  • and what you’ve learned at Treehouse

Or share your story in the comments below and provide a way for us to contact you.

Please be brief. Tell us your story in fewer than 100 words. We’ll be sure to ask you more questions if we’d like to include your story.


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8 Responses to “Has Treehouse Helped You Find Work? Share Your Story With Us”

  1. I’ve been a treehouse customer for about 3 months now. They tackle the programming learning curve in a distinct way that’s accessible to almost anybody. Their site design is gorgeous and retention strategies are effective – keeping you committed to your process. As a freelance media designer, these guys have equipped me with skills that reduce my need to outsource while at the same time tighten up workflow efficiencies with by way of best practises. The net effect of this is a more profitable freelance business.

    I think treehouse is a worthy replacement for degrees that teach practical skills in the media world. But I wouldn’t say they erode the need to traditional education all-together. As a B.A. honours double major, I’ve had the privilege of learning to engage with culture, community, audience, and communication strategies in general. I think such perspectives inform my everyday work on the text editor and contribute to a more complete deliverable. As a freelancer, I believe this is especially important. On the flip side, if you are seeking employment, where your disciplines will be somewhat narrow in focus, treehouse may be all you need!

    • I think Chadd said it perfectly. Treehouse is an absolutely amazing tool to learn the skills and concepts needed to do a job. I’m not currently involved in any type of tech employment, but I feel more confident each day I learn something new and add to my portfolio that if I do seek a job, it can come. My current job at my district library was elated that I was learning these things, and has began coming to me for tech-related questions.

      Treehouse, and other sites like it though, shouldn’t replace or mask the importance and usefulness of learning in a higher education setting. I studied history in university. I also studied Spanish, anthropology, economics, and communication. Currently I’m getting my graduate degree in Information Science where I learn about human-computer interaction, ethics, and politics, in addition to the things Treehouse helps reinforce and expand.

      If the opportunity comes for a person to attend higher-level learning, they should always take it. College is the best place I’ve ever been and the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s very encouraging to know that I can support the hard skills I’m learning here with an awareness and appreciation for culture, diversity, and creativity.

  2. awesome article !! thanks you so much for this 🙂 🙂

  3. Email sent! I wouldn’t have the job I have without you guys :]

  4. Transitioning military veteran to civilian is hard enough when your don’t have to go from being an aircraft mechanic to a graphic designer. Signing up for teamtreehouse gave me a slight edge over the very competitive field of graphic design. Aside from learning popular web dev techniques just the fact that I went out there and looked for more was good for employers to see that as a student, I wasn’t satisfied with just the status quo.

  5. I have tried using teamtreehouse to find work but as of now I still haven’t found one, but ill keep trying till i get one.

    Joey Raimes

  6. I started learning with Team Treehouse about a year and a half ago. After graduation (a year ago), I had trouble finding a full-time in San Diego. Six months ago, a recruiter contacted me about a job position as a Web Developer working on WordPress. I did not have much experience working on WordPress, so I used Team Treehouse videos to get prepared for the test. On December 2013, I was as a Web Developer in Tokyo, Japan and still use your service to this day!

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