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Ryan Carson
writes on February 7, 2017

When I interviewed with Treehouse last April I knew the company was a perfect fit for me. I knew very little about the tech field. I had spent the last 6 years working in non-profit theatre and performing plays for small houses in San Francisco. While the education field was not new to me, the technology field was a brand new horizon. So why was it such a perfect fit? Plain and simple, the sense of community within the team, the culture of collaboration, and the strong company values. I also love working in a place that rolls with the changes and takes the time to listen to everyone’s ideas.

Culture of Collaboration

Although the Treehouse HQ is in Portland and our other main office is in Orlando, a majority of the company is spread out across the country (even one across the ocean!) so we value the importance of being able to reach one another when we need to. We are constantly keeping each other updated with projects via Slack, Asana, Zoom, Google Docs. Also, finding the perfect giphy to make your co-worker laugh on the other side of the country is an essential everyday task. In Portland, we have an open office plan which also makes communication super fast and easy. This open floor plan supports our collaborative environment.


The PDX team out to lunch

Company Values

There are a ton of perks of being a Treehouse employee. Full access to the library for one! However, my favorite perk is definitely the education budget. Each year every employee gets a budget specifically for learning. It doesn’t even have to be related to their position, although it could be argued that everything you learn helps you become a more well-rounded employee. I get so excited when I sit down to research what I’m going to learn this year. I’ve been taking improv classes along with a few other from the PDX office.


Treehouse definitely collects great people. I’ve felt nothing but support since I’ve started here and I probably laugh a lot more than I do anything else here. Here in PDX, we often get together at lunch or the end of the day to play board games and unwind at the end of the day. I wasn’t a huge game player when I started here, but I’ve since been convinced otherwise.

Of course the most important thing of all- the Treehouse Office is dog-friendly. I get to bring my dog every day if I want and he has become quite popular around the office. He even has his own emoji in Slack! Being able to snuggle a dog during the day makes the day-to-day tasks much more enjoyable. Just one more element that makes Treehouse feel like family.


I’ve learned so much in my 8 months at Treehouse. I’ve been able to take on fun, new tasks (like writing blogs!) and I’ve totally upped my technology game. I was able to discover how to creatively use my skills and knowledge to best benefit this company all while feeling the support of my colleagues. I’ve never been so hungry to learn more and to see where my job and this company can take me.

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  1. What an interesting read! I absolutely love Treehouse. Thank you so much for the amazing content you offer! I love reading through the MDN Web Docs, but you guys make complex concepts sound so much simpler through your video format. Many thanks once again!

  2. Treehouse is one of the best learning platform in the industry and the team at Treehouse are well talented and I appreciate your education platform and the team work, they are none to second. Thanks greatly for teaching us how to code and I am a proud owner of my own website. Treehouse thumps up.

  3. Wow! It sounds super fun…made me think of the last time I felt like family amongst a bunch of friends. The education budget is awesome. Love that. I’m learning on tree house and just wanna say I appreciate your efforts and attention to details to help make it the best learning experience for us beginners. Thank you.

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