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Fun at the Treehouse Company Meet-up 2014


The whole of Treehouse is at our company meet-up in Lake Tahoe this week. We’re 75 people strong now and our Treehousers come from all the corners of the US and beyond. Most of us either work out of the Orlando or Portland offices but we also have people based in San Francisco, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Santa Cruz, Jacksonville, Greenville and London (among others).

Because we are so spread out as a company it’s important for us to get together occasionally to meet in person, bond and just plain make friends. Up to now we have only met as a company every year but after this meet-up we feel we need to do it every six months to stay connected with each other. Google Hangouts are great but there’s nothing better than seeing people in person!

The week is pretty action-packed. Yesterday, we had a day full of company meetings where some pretty exciting things were revealed (more on that soon!). Then we broke out into four main groups, Enrolment, Education, Operations, and Careers and discussed how to make each area more awesome.

Today, we did some outdoor activities to get our blood flowing faster. Some chose mountain biking, others kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, hiking or a ropes course. Everyone came back with a smile on their face and exhausted muscles. Some are still napping!

Tomorrow, we are breaking out into more groups to plan more a-m-a-z-i-n-g Treehouse content for the next six months. There is a ping-pong tournament, golfing tournament and did we already mention the hot tub?

Whichever one we choose we will be back at our desks next week with bells on. Revitalized, re-energized and ready to change the world (some more).

NB* Some of the people on our flight were not with Treehouse. Can you guess which ones?

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