LearnThink Vitamin Radio: Crush It winners

writes on January 28, 2010

Did you enter our Think Vitamin Radio Episode #1 Crush It competition?

If you are one of the ten names below then you will be recieving your copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book very soon. For those who didn’t send their addresses please email them in to thinkvitamin@carsonified.com.

  1. Chris Morledge
  2. Steven Ray (Please email address)
  3. Wes Carr
  4. Laura Kalbag
  5. Julian Cheal (Please email address)
  6. Nick Jones
  7. Tony Dewan
  8. Micheil Smith
  9. Shawn “Doc” Boyd
  10. Daniel Matthew

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  1. Thanks guys! I expect to be crushing in no time.

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