LearnThe Smashing Book #2 is Awesome

writes on March 3, 2011

We just received our copy of the Smashing Book #2 and we love it. Highly recommended!

In addition to the book, they’ve also released ‘The Lost Files’ a DRM-free PDF book.

Initially, the Smashing Book 2 was supposed to contain more chapters, but because most of our contributors delivered (much) more content than the book’s size could accommodate, we couldn’t include them all. So, we release four chapters as a free bonus eBook, called “The Lost Files”. This e-book is available as a PDF, ePub and Mobipocket. It is not protected by DRM.

4 Responses to “The Smashing Book #2 is Awesome”

  1. The Smashing Book #2 is mindblowing when I read this book I surprised to know about the writer.

  2. mmm.. this book is really good. want to try to make its discription full, so some more words about this book :
    “The focus of The Smashing Book 2 is on design, usability, and coding. It starts off with an overview of the principles of graphic design and how they’re applied to web design. In this chapter, I especially like the section on “Timeless Thinking”, which basically talks about how to create something that won’t become outdated. It explains how to achieve this by focusing on the fundamental building blocks of design instead to using a bunch of trendy gimmicks for nothing more than visual appeal. We could all benefit from more of this kind of thinking. ” (c)

  3. Sweetness!

  4. Bought a copy after seeing how popular the first book was but I’m yet to start reading it! Working my way through Hardboiled Web Design, another great book and well worth a purchase.

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