We asked one of our customers to pay an invoice and this is part of the email we got back. It’s so absurd that I had to laugh. I’ve bolded the funniest part:

Italy 90 days from the end of the month the invoice was issued in

Finland, Norway, Sweden Net 30 days

Denmark Net 35 days

All remaining EMEA countries Net 45 days (UK is one of these.)

To request payment terms shorter than the standard noted above, complete relevant lines in the template and email it to your Finance Director for their approval. Once the FD has approved, forward this template along with the FD approval to your BU VP and your CFO Staff VP for their approvals.

If you need to be paid before these date, you need to fill the form.

I don’t even know what a ‘BU VP’ is and we sure as heck don’t have a ‘CFO Staff VP’! They’re making it so damn hard to get paid promptly that I’m sure most people give up (including us!). Sheesh.

This just seems wrong – why can’t you pay your bills on time (within 30 days), like everyone else? This strong-arming is just bad business.