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Ryan Carson
writes on February 4, 2008

We’re so excited to welcome three new people to the Carsonified Team (bringing us up to 11 full-time folks). I’d like to say a huge welcome to Will, Natasha and Keir!

The Carsonified team standing in front of our black board

The Carsonified team acting goofy in front of the black board

Will is our new Global Accounts Manager. He has some amazing experience at companies like Gartner, so it’s an honor to have him on board. If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our events, he’s your man.

Next up we have the wonderful Natasha. Now that we’ve moved into a much bigger office, we really needed someone to help keep things running smoothly. She’s taking care of the huge number of logistical issues that come with a proper office while also being the cheerful voice that greets folks when they call. She’s also lending a helping hand in taking care of the Carsonified community with Lisa.

And finally, the mighty Keir 🙂 As you probably know, we’re a company who lives and breathes the web, so we need people who thrive in that culture. Keir is the perfect fit. He’s an ex-developer who is excited and knowledgeable about the web industry. He’ll be curating Carson Workshops, Future of Mobile and making the occasional tweaks to our web apps.

Today we were having some fun at the office and Elliot drew our logo on the Carsonified Black Board, so here’s an ‘action’ sequence 🙂

YouTube version


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17 Responses to “The Carsonified Family is Growing”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    What a great group of people! I’m in the middle of a chocolate blog outreach campaign for a client, and I came across a chocolate contest that’s only eligible to UK residents. If I win, I’m going to name the Carson Crew as the lucky recipients. They announce in 2 weeks. I’ll e-mail you if I (we) win. The team likes chocolate, don’t they?

    BTW, not many people have entered, so we stand a pretty good chance of winning. Good luck! bk

  2. Kevin – Thanks for the kind words. Let us know how BrightMix gets on.

    Brian – Great to hear from you mate. That’s so exciting that you’re up to 30 people on the team! I’m sure I could learn a lot from you 🙂

  3. Hey Ryan, congrats on the growth. I know it can be a bit nerve-wracking to add staff (Viget just cracked the 30 mark) but it’s certainly a blast when you find great people — looks like you have. Keep having fun with it!

  4. Carson, rockin’ the guitar hero… well done!

    My Cofounder and myself run BrightMix, a small web development shop out in the middle of the US. We’ve always enjoyed reading the Carsonified blog, and we really dig the company atmosphere that you guy’s bolster. In fact, we’re aiming to create a similarly awesome and fun work environment for our employees.

    Thanks for the inspiration, Carsonified, and keep up the great work!!

  5. Nah.. getting bigger means getting better!
    Make wonderful apps, and enrich the web. =)

  6. Hey Jean-Baptiste! Great to hear from you. It was cool meeting you guys on the FOWA Road Trip Paris 🙂 Hope you’re well.

  7. Hello Carsonified,

    congrats for that news, things are surely getting great and exciting!

    Take care (and don’t become one of those nasty big companies ;))
    See you,
    Jean-Baptiste from Paris.

  8. Hey Brad,

    We let our team work from home whenever they need to. Sometimes they just need a bit of peace and quiet to get things done, so that’s a great reason to work from home.

    On the whole, though, I believe its very important for everyone to be in the office. There are so many spur-of-the-moment good things that happen by just being together physically.

    Thanks for the comments on the Carsonified Chalkboard. We love it too 🙂

    – Ryan

  9. Ryan,

    Sorry if I missed it in a past article on this or another site. But what your thoughts on Remote Worker Environments (RME – not sure if that’s real, I may have just made it up)?

    The reason I ask, is because although it may not be true, it seems as though most people seem to work right out of the Bath, UK office. I realize some may work out of their home offices on certain days, however you seem like the type of company / group that loves to live on the edge of technology and environments.

    Is living in the UK a very important aspect when considering a new employee, or is it just by chance that you found the right people right nearby?

    BTW, I LOVE the Chalkboard wall! Any new office photos coming soon to a flickr account near you?

  10. I visited the Carsonified office recently and can guarantee that both the company, and even Ryan himself do infact exist in real life. A very nice bunch of people they are too.

    Congrats to the new recruits – hope it’s a great year!

  11. “While Ryan becomes more and more of a caricature of himself”

    I noticed you didn’t leave your name, so it’s hard to respond to your comment in a meaningful way. Anyway, not sure exactly what you’re getting at. Care to expand?

    “Are the company’s offerings developing enough to support expansion?”

    You bet. In fact we still don’t have enough people to run our current products, events and sites. We’re looking for a DropSend Manager and another helping hand to take care of bookkeeping and admin.

    I find your question funny though. Why would we expand, unless we needed to? It’s not as if we have cash lying around and we couldn’t think of anything else to do except hire more people onto the team 🙂

  12. The cult of personality thing seems to be taking over. While Ryan becomes more and more of a caricature of himself — are the company’s offerings developing enough to support expansion?

  13. Is this an actual company or a parody of a company?

  14. Holden McGroin on February 5, 2008 at 1:20 pm said:

    Ryan, you’re a genius!

    It looks like you guys have so much fun in the office – I’d love to work in the Carson orifice.

    — Holden.

  15. I find Keir position to be a very interesting one, as I have often thought about trying to break into a similar sort of job type. I have a huge amount if interest in not only web design, but the culture of the web and how new technologies are affecting this culture and how in turn this culture will affect the world as a whole. We have already seen a huge change in the world since technology has enabled us to communicate despite huge distances. According to some source that I can’t remember at the moment (sad i know) man kind is doubling it’s knowledge base every nine months. EVERY NINE MONTHS! And all because we can communicate more efficiently. I imagine that figure will change very quickly in the coming years, as the modern web allows more interaction and collaboration using the latest web technologies. I am a bit envious of your job, Keir. I hope you enjoy it!

  16. Thanks Polo 🙂 We’re really excited about 2008. Going to be a fun year.

  17. It’s very cool people who come in Carsonified, now you are a great team, good luck & good work to all.

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