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Keenan Payne
writes on November 9, 2012

WP Fluid Images

WP Fluid Images is a useful plugin that automatically removes the width and height tags that are added to images uploaded through the WordPress post or page editor. By default these tags are added with pixel values, and when using a responsively-designed WordPress theme, this can prove to be problematic.

WP Fluid takes these image width and height values and converts them into percentages based on the styles present in your theme that allows the image to scale as the browser window or device changes.

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FitVids for WordPress

FitVids for WordPress does the same thing as WP Fluid Images does, except for videos added into your posts and pages. There are no convoluted menus to navigate through, and all you have to do is determine whether jQuery 1.7+ is included in your WordPress theme, as well as the CSS selector that you want FitVids to work within.

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Responsive Select Menu

When working with responsive design, it is common to take menus that are present on the screen and turn them into select box, so that less screen space is used, and items are easier to click on touch screen devices.

Well, the Responsive Select Menu for WordPress does just that by converting WordPress 3.0 Menus into select boxes dynamically. The user can choose the max width that they would like the menu to be, at what breakpoint (screen width) the menu turns into a select box, as well as select which menu locations in the theme should turn into select boxes.

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Responsive Slider

The Responsive Slider plugin for WordPress does just what it’s name implies. It allows you to implement a JavaScript slider into your theme by adding slides in the options page, as well as add images, links, text, and much more. The plugin is also easy to install as it only takes a single line of PHP to implement into any theme.

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Simple Responsive Images

Simple Responsive Images is similar to the WP Fluid Images in that it allows for your images to be more effectively viewed on devices with different browser widths. However, instead of dynamically changing the width and height of images to percentages, Simple Responsive Images dynamically changes the width and height according to the ‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ image sizes that are defined within your WordPress dashboard and the breakpoints setting in the plugin.

The advantage of using this method is that browser load is reduced because different sized images are being shown according to browser, and a single large image isn’t just being scaled. For example, if you have a 1mb image file that’s 1080×640, on a smaller device, it would still be a 1mb file, but scaled down to 640×349. By using Simple Responsive Images, you could have your large image size have a max width of 1080px and your medium have a max width of 640px. Instead of just scaling down the 1mb image file, the medium sized file with a width of 640px is replaced with a size of let’s say, 640kb.

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GPP Shortcodes

GPP Shortcodes is developed by the people at Graph Paper Press, and allows users to easily and effectively implement shortcodes into their posts and pages that not only spice up the design of the page content, but is also responsive so device scaling is never a problem.

Some example of the shortcodes implemented with the plugin are four-column layouts, colored boxes, beautiful CSS3 buttons, and much more. You can view a demo of everything the plugin has to offer here.

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Juiz Smart Mobile Admin

When used with the default administration theme with WordPress, the Juiz Smart Mobile Admin plugin for WordPress automatically adjusts the administration interface for WordPress depending on what type of device you are using. This can be helpful for those that want to do publishing or WordPress-management on-the-go.

Some great features include the ability to zoom in on a specific area, auto-hiding the Safari iOS URL bar, admin bar support, and much more. For those that don’t want to download the official WordPress applications for their devices, this is definitely a great alternative.

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Content Timeline

Content Timeline is a premium plugin for WordPress for sale over at CodeCanyon. The plugin offers up a very beautiful and sleek content-timeline slider that you can implement into your theme very easily.

It is extremely easy to add timelines to the plugin so that they show up on your site, and there are a plethora of options once you have content uploaded. You can also hide or display controls for moving the timeline, as well as use the swipe function on smartphones to move it. The plugin is fully responsive and looks and works just a great on a smartphone as it does on a desktop.

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Respond.js is a handy little script that helps enable media queries on browsers that do not support them (particularly IE8 and lower). If you have a responsive theme already, then you are in luck. Resond.js only requires a simple comment at the end of your media queries for the plugin to work.

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Portfolio Slideshow

The Portfolio Slideshow plugin for WordPress makes it easy to display a beautifully responsive WordPress slideshow on your WordPress site very easily. There are an unlimited number of custom slideshow sizes to use, graphical navigation, a full-screen mode for slideshows, and much more. Another great alternative to use when thinking about how to implement a responsive slideshow into your WordPress theme.

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