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writes on May 22, 2020

Every company is a tech company.

As we settle into a new holding pattern while the global community fights COVID-19, many teams now find themselves working remotely, and adapting to new roles with new responsibilities.

This is an excellent time to take advantage of learning resources which can help your team stay sharp. A straightforward tool can save managers and team leads time, and have a huge impact on the outcomes of technical training programs.

The Treehouse Techdegree is a robust and rigorous approach to training up your team. Our Techdegree provides a high level of reinforcement by providing real-world projects that students must build from a basic mockup, starter files, or simply from scratch. These in-depth projects are then evaluated and graded against a rubric that results in either a passing or failing grade. Students can continue to refine their projects until they meet the project requirements and pass to the next learning unit in our curriculum.

Combining the flexibility of online learning and the synergy of interactive communities, Treehouse provides its own environment of support to build confidence and enthusiasm for gaining new skills. 

It’s a lean, efficient system that immediately assigns a practical coding exercise after each lesson to demonstrate the newly acquired skill value and potential.

We offer the following Techdegrees to fulfill your talent needs:

  • Front End Web Development
  • Full-Stack JavaScript Development
  • UX Development
  • PHP Development
  • Python Development

Rigorous Curriculum

Our unique teaching methodology leverages video courses, interactive quizzes, and code challenges to most effectively teach trainees how to immediately apply and retain the fundamentals and up-to-the-minute best practices of their disciplines.

External Support

Students in the Techdegree have exclusive access to a Techdegree-specific chat team. This real-time messaging lets other students following the same learning path communicate with each other on specific issues about the technology, the Techdegree and the projects they have to build. In addition, a dedicated staff of Student Success Specialists monitor the chat rooms, engage students and help foster a friendly, supportive and fun community. 

Verifiable Results

Over the course of the program, trainees complete projects to showcase the range of practical skills they’ve acquired.

Techdegree culminates in a proctored final exam composed of quiz questions and coding challenges to confirm that trainees have retained the concepts they’ve learned.

Ideal Candidates for Techdegree Training:

  • New hires who need foundational technical knowledge relevant to your tech stack
  • Cross-training teams in other skills and languages such as developers who could stimulate company and product growth by learning new programming languages
  • Upskilling individuals such as designers interested in realizing their online creations themselves or digital marketers who want to own development projects
  • Top-performers with too much potential to allow your competition to hire away such as support staff with unique customer insights that could directly improve your product

Interested in providing Techdegrees to your team?

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