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Faye Bridge
writes on December 16, 2013

After years in the web industry working as a digital marketer, Brandon Kidd joined Treehouse with the mission to advance his skill set and propel himself into web design and development. Now, only a few years later Brandon has successfully launched his career as a freelance designer and developer, teamed up with a group of fellow freelancers to start web design agency Factory Web Design, and is working on another service — Themazing — which is soon to launch.
Brand Kidd

I’ve been working in the web in some fashion over the past 12 years. I originally got my start building websites and doing online marketing as a necessity while working with an automotive startup. I mostly did simple CSS tweaks on turnkey website solutions and fumbled my way through digital marketing. At that time there really was no good way to learn about the web. Books were costly and time consuming, and schools mostly provided outdated content.

Several years into the future and several jobs later, I finally found Treehouse. I was able to learn more advanced skills such as CSS3, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and how to utilize those skills as a business owner. While expanding my skillset I worked with two different digital agencies, doing everything from project management, maintenance, and a bit of coding. Something was still missing at this point. I wanted to not only be a better web developer, I wanted to do it on my terms and offer the type of service I can stand by.

About 6 months ago I started working on my own as a freelancer (or funlancer as Aaron Draplin would say). It was tough. It is tough to find new clients and when you do, sometimes the work can be a bit out of your league. I had some other freelance friends that came in and helped when I needed and before I knew it, we were relying on each other’s assistance.

About two months ago we decided to take our teamwork a step further and created Factory Web Design. We wanted to create a company that echoes our personality and that lives up to our passion for quality. Our primary objective is to provide a full service experience for clients. That means we start at the brand level and work our way through web design, SEO, and long term marketing strategies. We also have future plans to launch a service called Themazing which will provide cost effective yet attractive WordPress themes, as well as a couple mobile apps for connecting business owners.

Looking back, I honestly can say I wouldn’t have made it this far without Treehouse. It offered the spark I needed to ignite my career as an entrepreneur and to evolve my creative vision. Every week when I log on, there is always something new I can learn and another tool for my tool belt. I want to also give a special thanks to the Treehouse staff who have worked with me so closely and kept me motivated to keep on making progress.


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