LearnStinkyink Used Brickify to Build Their Logo

writes on February 22, 2011

As you may know by now, we built a new app called Brickify, which allows you to transform an image or logo into plans for LEGO bricks. You can read more about Brickify here, or just visit Brickify.com and start creating.

The folks over at Stinkyink used Brickify on their logo, but they went the extra mile of actually ordering the LEGO bricks and building their design. They even took the time to make a video of the experience:

Nice work, Stinkyink!

If you’ve built your logo using Brickify, be sure to let us know. It makes us really happy to see other people having fun with the tool we built!

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  1. Hey! It is almost done. Finally I found that it was very worthy!

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